Weekly Theme: "The Wealth in Health"

The infamous DU week-by-week countdown puts us at Week 4 and already midterms are fast approaching. The quarter system brings its own set of challenges and rewards; a six-week winter break is nice, but having important exams only a few weeks into the quarter leaves many Pioneers dreaming of colder, happier, holiday-filled days in December. So this week, before we officially hit Midterms week, HerCampus is focusing on “The Wealth in Health”, emotionally, mentally, as well as physically. All-nighters, intense studying, and tight deadlines don’t lend themselves to a healthy lifestyle, but it is important for students not to forget about the importance of rest, time-management, and of course, the occasional break to watch a cat video.


Photo Sources: https://www.npr.org/series/494272685/a-silent-epidemic-the-mental-health...