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Top 5 Energy Bars You Have to Try

Finding time to sit down for every meal during the day as a college student is next to impossible. Running from class to class and one social event to the next, our meals are often “on the go”. On the go meals are not always the best. It is easy to pick the simplest thing that is quick and easy to eat but may not be that good for us. Breakfast, is a common meal that college students skip or eat on the way to their 8 am class. A popular breakfast replacement is an energy bar, however, these are often packed with added sugars and are not that nutritious. Below are some healthy bars, loaded with natural ingredients that are easy to eat on the go in the morning or as snack mid-day.

1. Larabars 

Larabar is a company that prides itself on making “food that comes from food”. Each Larabar is made from just a few simple ingredients. Some bars contain only 3 ingredients! There are also tons of flavors. You can satisfy your peanut butter cravings with the peanut butter cookie bar or your sweet tooth with cherry pie or blueberry muffin. The bars are great because they are not loaded with added sugars; most of the sugar in Larabars is from fruit. These will satisfy your hunger and provide you with the nutrition you need to get through the day.

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2. Perfect Bars

These bars are as close to perfect as it can get. They are packed with 17g of whole protein (no whey or soy proteins). These bars are also certified low glycemic index. This means it will cause a lower rise in blood sugar and keep you feeling full for longer, unlike other breakfast/energy bars. A downside is that these guys have to be refrigerated, so you can’t keep them in your bag all semester. They do stay good for 1 week out of the fridge, so you just have to be careful.

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3. GoMacro Bars

The GoMacro Company was founded by a mother and daughter, Amelia and Jola. After being diagnosed with cancer, Amelia decided to fight the cancer with a macrobiotic plant-based diet. She and her daughter created the macro bar in their Wisconsin kitchen. Macro bars contain no additives or preservatives and are 100% plant-based. GoMacro produces snack bars and protein bars if you want something that will keep you more satiated. They have tons of flavors and have new flavors coming out all the time. You will never get bored of these bars!

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4. Health Warrior chia bars

Only 100 calories and 3g of sugar, these bars are suitable for a snack during class, something to keep in your gym bag or as an early morning meal if you aren’t ready for a full breakfast quite yet. They also come in endless flavors. From caramel sea salt to acai berry, there is a flavor to please anyone. Health Warrior also sells bars made with other superfoods including, pumpkin seeds and quinoa!

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Finding snack bars that are mare low in added sugars and stocked with nutrients from whole foods is important. You shouldn’t sacrifice your nutrition for not having time to eat when you’re constantly on the go. Bars made from real ingredients will also keep you feeling great and prevent the rise and fall in your blood sugar that you get from eating more processed bars. 

Born and raised in the city of Philadelphia. Currently a nursing student at Drexel University. When not writing for HerCampus or studying loves to run, read and draw.
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