5 Things to Do This Summer

Summer is basically right around the corner (or here if you get out early, lucky duck). This short and sweet list isn’t unrealistic, so you won’t be skipping around for things you can do on a 50-item list or skipping over items like ‘vacation at a beautiful beach resort.’


1. Practice mindfulness

Image Courtesy of Positive Psychology Program

Summer is a good time to practice some mindfulness. Being aware of your worth and accepting yourself is a great way to start off your summer right.


2. Find a new hobby

Image Courtesy of Neolaia

Try to find something fun that you love to do. Whether it’s biking, painting, or even crocheting, find a hobby that is beneficial for your mental health.


3. Read some new books (for fun)

Image Courtesy of Tumblr

Even if it’s just Junie B. Jones (tbt), take your mind off the real world and immerse yourself in some new books that you’ll actually enjoy.


4. Face one of your fears

Image Courtesy of Be Inspired Channel

If you’re afraid of heights, try cliff-diving or riding a roller coaster, like Scream at Six Flags New England (it just goes up and down). If you’re afraid of clowns, go to a circus show or something. You get the picture.


5. Learn to cook some complicated recipes

Image Courtesy of Vimbly

Whether it’s Beef Wellington, croissants, or even pho, try some hard recipes you can impress your family and friends with.


Try one, a few or even all of these activities and don't forget to include your family and friends as well, as you do them! Happy summer!