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Best at Home Workouts

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePauw chapter.

At the begining of the year, I decided to start going to the gym consistently. It felt so good to sweat a little bit everyday, and I was happy with my progress. Fast forward to now, I am trying to keep up my gym streak going without leaving the house (becuase social distancing is cool). The last couple weeks I have been trying to mix up my work outs and here are my five favorite ways to stay active at home! 


This is such an easy workout that anyone can do. Since I don’t live anywhere near a yoga studio, I have been doing yoga at home since high school. There are plenty of Youtube channels that post free classes over any type of yoga you can think of. My favorite channel right now is Yoga with Adrianne. She is super quirky and has a great variety of content. This is the video I did most recently! 

Go For a Walk

If you stay inside for too long you are forsure going to go crazy. Go for a walk with your dog or your family to get a little bit of fresh air and a little work out. Even if you can only go up and down your driveway, your body with thank you for giving it some fresh air. 

Learn a Tik Tok Dance

Now this isn’t a traditional workout but trust me when I say you will burn a lot of calories. Even if you don’t want to post your videos, blocking out thirty minutes to dance is a good workout and you get to have fun doing it. Here is one to start our your new workout regimen.

Do a Job

This week I painted a spare room in my house and my arms are still sore. Since you are stuck at home, maybe now is the perfect time to help your family with a home improvment project. You are killing two birds with one stone by getting a job done and staying active. 

HIIT Workout 

HIIT workouts are super intense but also convenient becuase you can do them anywhere. There are all kinds of videos and apps where you can find these work outs or you can just make them up. I get most of my workouts from my friend, Holly’s workout account. Here is a really great full body workout. 

Hope some of these ideas inspire you to shut off Netflix and get moving, so you can come out of quarantine ready for summer! 

Hi, I'm Zosha! I'm a senior and I'm also the Senior Editor of the DePauw HerCampus Chapter. I'm an English Writing Major and Psychology Minor. In addition to HerCampus, I am also a Bonner School, Fiction Editor for the Midwestern Review, and a member of Alpha Chi Omega. My obsessions are otters, The Office, and flowers.