Why Caring Less Made My Life Better

For someone who places themselves in a position of utter compassion, the act of caring can play a very big role mentally and emotionally. I get into this constant state of worrying about others, things I can’t control, and ways in which I can better myself.

This trait about me has definitely became an obsession. One that deteriorated my mentality in some cases. I worried too much. Cared too much. And all I got back—discontent and stress.


Compassion and care are things we need.


Stress is something we don’t.

Photo Courtesy of Flickr

In times where I have found myself putting so much effort into making sure everyone is happy, everyone is content, everyone is okay, I put less time into finding things that make me feel all of these good things. So much so, that I digress into my shell and make excuses for why I feel so sh*tty.

I found that if I let off the gas pedal a bit, letting go of some things I care too much about and remembering what truly matters has helped me regain my footing.

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