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A Reminder to Those Worried About Insecurity During Spring Break

We’ve all been there: we’re scrolling down our Instagram feed, aimlessly liking every picture we come across, and then, boom: a picture of a beautiful girl with shiny, long hair and glowy tan skin on the beach, soaking up the warmth of Spring. We imagine what it would be like to be her (the only exception is already having a large dose of melanin in your skin – thanks mom and dad!), what it would be like to live pridefully in ownership of our own bodies, if our lives may be stress-free if we had the perfect body for a bikini. It’s happened to the best of us, but there are ways to combat these social-media-fueled internalizations during your Spring break:  


First, acknowledge that there is no such thing as a perfect woman:

so often we forget that there is no right way to look or be. We assume that pretty is defined in one way, but we’re constantly contradicting ourselves the minute we see a separate Instagram post from the one we just scrolled past, showcasing a different girl looking just as beautiful. There is no formula or measurement that defines beauty. As long as we’re existing and taking up space, beauty is whatever we want it to be.

Remember that every body is a beach body:

while it’s hard to remember this, it becomes much easier to go to beaches if you remember that your body is always meant for the beach. There are no terms and conditions, no bodily measurements to have, and no perfect swimsuit to wear in order to exist on a beach. You always belong! You always deserve to take up space!

Go explore! There are more ways than one to celebrate your week off:

rather than spending your time going through Instagram, create your own adventures: go on a hike, discover new coffee shops in nearby cities, or read as many books as possible on the porch of your home. Defining our own ways to spend Spring break is a way to explore our creativity and find new ways to self-care.

Don’t forget: Everyone has gone through periods of deep criticism:

the phrase “you’re not alone” can often feel cliché, but it rings true it most situations. We are all deeply critical of ourselves because we’re used to ourselves; we are the only ones who see our own behind-the-scenes, while other pay more attention to our highlight-reels (just like we do theirs – remember how we compare our bodies to literally everyone on the beach?)

Find a little bit of thankfulness in the fact that your body is constantly taking care of you:

your body is your strongest armor. It gets you out of bed in the morning, it lets you rest at night, it protects you from bacteria and viruses, and it keeps your heart beating every day. This isn’t to say that you aren’t allowed to feel insecurity, but it’s a way to find comfort in knowing your body’s love for you is evergreen. When you can, feed it gratitude.  

Ria Bhagwat

DePaul '22

Ria is a sophomore at DePaul University studying Journalism with a minor in Communication + Media & Global Asian Studies. In her free time, she loves to write, sing, dance, listen to Taylor Swift, and watch Broadway musicals.
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