I Was Practicing Self-Care and I Didn't Know It

The other day, I was talking with my friend Jessie about self-care. We were sitting in the SAC near the Bean on a Tuesday morning. The air between us was peaceful while all around us fellow students were working on last-minute assignments, cramming for their upcoming midterms, or running to class.

Jessie and I have conversations about self-care all the time, as it is something that Jessie has always been passionate about and introduced me to soon after we became close. We got on the topic of stress and how we were both feeling.

I mentioned how I didn’t remember the last time I had taken time to practice self-care during the week, which is when it would be especially helpful.

“Being here right now is self-care,” she said.

I realized that she was completely right.

I spend my Tuesday mornings with one of my closest friends and that is “self-care”. We get to catch up with each other about our days, our families, and our classes. We take that time together to be at peace and leave behind any worries.


Image Courtesy of Pinterest


I never realized until now how valuable that is. As I thought about what she said, I realized spending meaningful time with the people I care about is one way of practicing self-care that is the most important to me.

I’ve read so many articles about ideas for self-care that list things to do on your own, like cleaning your room, taking a nap, or journaling. None of these lists ever say “Go for a walk with your friends.” Of course, sometimes you need to go for a walk by yourself. The point is, self-care is so often described as doing something by yourself.

Self-care doesn’t have to be doing something alone. Self-care is all about doing what is best for you. My weeks are filled with schoolwork, work, and other responsibilities. The best way for me to take care of myself is to spend my free time with my friends.


I look at self-care differently now. I know that there are the moments when I want to give myself a manicure alone in my room, but there are also those mornings that I spend with my friend, getting breakfast and chatting. It’s all about what makes you happy and what you need at that time.


I am blessed to have friends who care about me, who I can be myself around, and who truly do make me happy. I wouldn’t have it any other way.