How to Finesse a Professional Wardrobe On a Budget

For many college students, a professional outfit is a staple for your wardrobe.  We run into many instances where we need to look our best: interviews, conferences, presentations, etc.  However, it can be tough to acquire that high-end office fashion when you’re barely on a Target budget.  Here are three tips on how to look your young professional best--for less!


Obviously, a thrift store is everyone’s favorite place to go when looking for cheap clothes.  While one may not think you can find office appropriate looks at a Goodwill, you’ll be surprised how many basic yet polished pieces are donated!  Finding your simple shirts and slacks at a thrift store is super beneficial so that if you have the leeway to splurge on a blazer or shoes.

Don’t buy everything in one trip.

This was something I needed to hear a few months ago when I tried to buy an entire interview outfit in one day.  You may need to space out your shopping sprees to look for discounted items and sale-days, so plan ahead to ensure you don’t run out of time!  

Take advantage of a career closet

Luckily, at DePaul we have this thing called a career closet.  Basically, you can rent out clothes to wear for interviews and other professional outings.  Check out if your school has one, because it can be a great resource for those one-time instances you may need an outfit--and it’s free!

Good luck out there in the workforce and catch that coin!