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This isn’t me plugging you to vote (although you should), get hyped for what seasonal holidays are to come, and this certainly isn’t a post telling you how to feel. BUT, this post feeds as a reminder to all who become distracted in the hustle and bustle of things, especially during this very hyperactive season. Some of us forget how to actually go about the world and treat people like actual humans who deserve just as much kindness as you do. While it can seem like sometimes your world is tumbling down, somebody out there probably is in a worse situation than you. We’re surrounded by so many people, yet we forget our differences sometimes and that can really stray us away from genuinely treating people the way they should and deserve to be treated. These simple reminders are for everybody because we all need a little bit of a refresher. Image url

The word “wholesome” was actually said to me through Facebook last week. One of my close friends had read one of the blog posts I had written and complimented my “wholesome tone”. I guess I never thought of my writing or personality that way. Being the little investigative hermit I am, I googled the word just to make sure I knew what it meant: According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “wholesome” means “to promote health or well being of mind or spirit”.

However, when I did just a basic Google search of the word in my browser, “moral well-being” was a different definition. So, to my understanding, being “wholesome” means that a person is filled with morality and intends on sharing that with others in order to positively impact others—which is what I hope to do. There are many things I think people need to know when they communicate, and also when they’re to themselves. You know most of our actions are determined by our most personal thoughts, so looking introspectively, you are responsible for creating this change.

Listen Attentively

It can be so easy for all of us to just simply listen to respond than to listen to understand. Listening is just a simple sense we have, but when we listen with the most utmost attentiveness and openness, we are able to understand others better. Wowza, who knew?

Acknowledge Your Faults

If you’re the type of person who moves through the world thinking you know every single thing about everyone and everything, you may need to check yourself. We’re human—we make mistakes, we mess up, we fail. Don’t push those tropes aside, because the ones who succeed learn and grow from their downfalls. Be responsible for your wrongs and strive to make your next choice right. Image url

Stand By Your Passions

We can all quickly fade into trends and what’s cool and what’s not. F*ck that. 2018 has made me realize that no one gives a shit about what you like or dislike. Your own opinions matter, so don’t just go changing everything unique about yourself just for the status quo. Stick to what you love, and the rest will fall into place.

Don’t Discredit Your Fortunes

Humility is important. Knowing when to keep things to yourself, like accomplishments, money, grades, and other things are definitely the mature high road. You can’t expect everyone to relate to or come from the same place. Bragging sucks, but also make sure that you know you did a great job. Victories of all sizes shouldn’t be hidden—at least not to your mom.

Apologize Often and Sincerely

I can’t even remember the last time I had or received a sincere apology. It could have been with my little sister or someone close to me, but what I’ve observed is that not many people are serious about them. I say “sorry,” “oh, my bad,” “oops,” and other minor apologies probably ten times a day, but they aren’t real. Truly apologizing for your wrongdoing is not easy, but it makes relationships stronger and shows that you actually care about the other person. Image Url


Forget Toxic People

There’s nothing worse than holding onto people in your life who have done some bad and you just can’t leave. Friends, boyfriends, girlfriends—everybody. I’ve allowed myself to be released from the toxicity of relationships that just didn’t ever work out. I’ve found that living with excess drama and trouble is in no way going to benefit me or the other people involved. Remove yourself and say goodbye!

Learn to Love and Let Go

There also comes a point when you do meet amazing people in your life, but the time comes for them to leave it. For many reasons, some people choose to come into your life for a purpose when you need them most and leave when they want to. It really sucks, but remembering those special people that impacted your life and lovingly moving on is the most heartwarming of all. When life becomes a little more hectic than usual, we forget what really matters the most. All may seem well and dandy, then something hard and unruly may come in your way. Becoming aware of how you deal with these obstacles, without becoming a Scrooge, can make everyone’s life a little more livable.  



Natalie is currently a junior studying Public Relations and Advertising with a minor in Spanish and Event Planning. She is an avid beauty, interiors, and lifestyle enthusiast. When she's not doing yoga or obsessing over her golden retriever pup, you'll find her writing in the SAC, library, at the Stu, and basically, anywhere she can get good wifi connection at DePaul.
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