8 Ways to Stay Healthy this Quarter

It’s that time of year again, y’all. The leaves are falling, the air is crisp, and the germs are multiplying. In fact, I’m getting over a cold right now and that’s what inspired this post! Especially while at school, you’re surrounded by so many people with so many germs and it can seem claustrophobic.

Riding public transportation, sitting really close to people, riding in elevators, opening doors, everything has germs! It’s important to take care of yourself during the transitioning seasons and be aware of hygiene. It can be so easy to forget these simple tips, so I have a reminder for you all. Here are eight ways to make sure you don’t get sick this quarter:

1. Get vaccinated.

One of the most preventative measures to make sure you don’t catch the flu is by getting a flu shot. Your nearest Minute Clinic, Walgreens, or doctor can give them and they usually only take a couple of minutes. It’s important to keep healthy and do us all a favor.

2. Wash your hands constantly.

Something so easy and simple and be so easy and simple to forget. When we come off of public transportation, like from a very packed bus, we might forget to wash our hands before we eat or touch our face, and germs thrive on those vehicles. Bring along hand sanitizer and make sure you’re using hot water and soap all the time!

3. Take breaks and rest up!

Sleep is one of the most important necessities for making sure you don’t get sick and remain healthy. Getting around eight hours or so every night will allow yourself to regenerate healthy cells. Don’t overwork yourself and know when you need to relax, otherwise, you’ll pay for it later.

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4. Drink all the fluids.

Staying hydrated is so important for flushing out all the bad “tea” in your body. Water, OJ, herbal tea; it’s what your body needs! These liquids do your body justice and rid it of all the unhealthy toxins and germs.

5. Exercise and stay active.

Keeping your heart healthy and keeping active may also help you combat illness. Do listen to your body to keep yourself from over-exercising. Sweating it out can be a great way to get rid of toxins and make you feel good inside!

6. Stay warm!

Bundle up this season and don’t underestimate the power of windchill. Wear gloves, hats, and scarves. Layer up and make sure you are dressing for the conditions. It is crucial to take care of yourself when the temperature starts to drop. Use extra blankets, cozy up, and watch some Halloween movies.

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7. Eat your vitamins and minerals.

Feeding your body with the nutrients it needs is vital! Add lots of veggies and fruit to your meals and treat your body right. Make some soup, mashed potatoes, or whatever comfort food you like. Know when to moderate your diet and balance the good and bad foods.

8. Skip class!

The only time I would advocate skipping class is when you absolutely need to—going to class sick does not help anybody. You risk getting other people sick, making yourself feel worse, and not helping your immune system’s ability to fully recover so you can get back to it! Know when you need a day to repair and be responsible about it!