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12 Cry-Proof Spots in Chicago for Your Finals Week Needs

Finals week: if you can survive it, you can survive just about anything. The never ending to-do lists, agonizing group projects and sleepovers at the library can be quite overwhelming. Yet finals week is the epitome of the college experience. Coffee becomes its own food group, sleep becomes a right only the well organized are allowed to enjoy and moments of tearful sessions of self-doubt become frequent.


But it’s all a part of the college experience, so we better just sit back and enjoy the tumultuous, anxiety ridden, caffeine fueled ride. Here are 12 Chicago spots perfect for crying during finals week.


1. The Belmont CTA stop. It’s just the right distance away from campus. It won’t take you too long to get there and you don’t have to worry about running into the professor that’s giving you the grade that’s making you cry.

2. Between the elevators that are always broken in DePaul’s SAC.  This is a great place to stop in between classes to shed a few tears. No one will notice because they’ll be taking the stairs.

(Photo courtesy of The Black Sheep)

3. Under the Bean. Amidst tourists and their selfie sticks, the Bean is a great spot to cry. Everyone will be too busy taking photos to notice.


4. At the McDonald’s on Fullerton and Lincoln Avenues. While you’re at it you can grab a bite to eat with the few dollars you have to spare after paying for college tuition.


(Photo courtesy of Restaurant Guru)

5. Water Tower Place. With so many shoppers surrounding you, you won’t feel alone while you cry.


(Photo courtesy of WATG.com)

6. On the bench in front of the church on the Magnificent Mile. It’s a peaceful place to curl up and mope.


(Photo courtesy of Planet99)

7. The back of a Brown Line train car. This crying spot becomes 10 times sadder if it is raining.


(Photo courtesy of Jersey Mike’s Rail Adventures – blogger)

8. DePaul’s Quad. It’s an easy stop between classes.


(Photo courtesy of DePaul University Offices Sites)

9. Top of the ferris wheel at Navy Pier. Why not pay $15 for a good cry and a nice view?


(Photo courtesy of Explore Branson)

10. Allende. Arrive promptly at 2 a.m. and there will be plenty of other patrons willing to cry with you.


(Photo courtesy of Fab Food Chicago)

11. The Chicago Tribune Building. With the current media landscape, they’ll be crying too.


(Photo courtesy of Crain’s Chicago Business)

12. In front of your professor. Maybe then they’ll understand the grief they have put you through.


(Photo courtesy of Fastweb)


If you’re looking for a spot to cry, Chicago has many of them. Make sure to check them out this year during finals week. Now keep pushing, crying and studying! The quarter is almost over.

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