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As the weather starts to get colder, it’s easy to give up on a stable workout routine. However, exercising is one of the most important things you can do for your mind and body, and it is important to stay consistent even when it’s cold. Over the past year I have tried many different activities on campus to keep my body moving, and here are my favorites:

Yoga classes at the wellness center

Yoga classes are my absolute favorite activity to do on campus. I love yoga because it is a low impact way to help my body, and I always feel refreshed after a yoga session. In my opinion, yoga is incredibly underrated on campus. At home the only way I could practice yoga was through YouTube on my bedroom floor, but as students we are given the opportunity to go to yoga classes led by real instructors for free. Classes are held four times a week in the wellness center, and you can sign up on WhatToDu. 

pilates classes

Pilates classes are a lot like yoga classes, but they I find them to be a little more intense. Yoga is more focused on stretching and rejuvenating, while pilates has a greater focus on strengthening. Pilates is great for people who want to gain strength but are not necessarily into weight lifting. I like to do a mix of yoga and pilates throughout the week. You can also sign up for pilates classes at the wellness center on WhatToDu.

going on a walk around campus

This gets tougher to do as it gets cold, but with the right attire you can go on walks all year long. My friends and I love to go on what we call a “walk and goss,” which is where we walk around campus and talk about things going on around campus. This is a great way to work out with a social aspect, and it’s fun to visit parts of campus that I would not otherwise visit. 

visiting the mitchell center

Going to the gym is the easiest way to work out, and I love going to the gym, but sometimes it is hard to motivate myself to go there because it is not necessarily the most exciting place on campus. That being said, I think that it is easy to make a workout at the Mitchell center exciting. I personally like to do workouts that correlate to music, and one of my favorites is this Taylor Swift themed spin class.

joining a club sport

Lastly, another fun way to stay active on campus is by joining a club sport. There are endless club sports you could join, and it gives you a team to be a part of. This is a great way to meet new people, and it also creates a group that will hold you accountable to staying healthy. 

Reilly Burton

Denison '26

Reilly is a sophomore at Denison University studying communication and international studies. She is the social media/outreach coordinator for Her Campus Denison and is involved with various other organizations on campus. She loves to be creative, ski, read, and hang out with the people she loves.