So you want to Learn how to cook?

For those who may not have the option to get fast food everyday, who want to try to eat healthier, or are looking to save some money on their food budget, cooking is a necessary skill. While I have dabbled some in cooking, I only knew a couple of recipes from my family and would try an online recipe occasionally for baked goods. However, since the beginning of senior year, I have been more dedicated in learning how to cook because I now had access to a full kitchen in my apartment. Therefore, in attempt to spend less on my meal plan, I started to do some research on easy meals to prep for the week. If you are someone who would also like to learn how to cook, I wanted to share some apps and websites that were helpful to me.

Tasty is a youtube channel that shares recipes but they also have a free mobile app available. This app is easy to use for those that have a difficult time reading or understanding recipes. We’ve all ran into the recipes that seem to be leaving out instructions or are not descriptive enough. However, Tasty uses step-by-step visuals to show you what ingredients to add in, what the food should look like, and how to prepare it. They also include written instructions in case you do prefer to read them. In addition, they have a wide range of recipes, with new ones being recommended each week. If you find a recipe that you really like, you can save them to your favorites so you can make them again.

Another helpful website is Allrecipes. This site is useful when your fridge or pantry is somewhat bare and you want to know if you can make something out of the little food you have left. Allrecipes allows you to search for recipes that include certain ingredients, so you can try to create something out of the miscellaneous items in your kitchen. You can also exclude certain items from recipes if there are some ingredients that you can’t stand having in your food. For me, that’s things like celery or brussel sprouts.

These are only a few options that have been helpful to me, but I’m sure there are way more apps and websites that would be great to use if you are trying to learn how to cook. It’s never too late to try to learn, especially, if it’s something that you are really passionate about. I now feel more comfortable in the kitchen than I did before and I am confident that I can whip up some food at home rather than eat out all of the time.