For All of Us with a Body: Because You Deserve to Live Your Best Life

Now that everyone is here, because I think it is safe to assume everyone has a body. Although I will be very proud of myself if I have managed to catch the attention of a non-corporal being. If that is the case, Welcome!  

Now for those of us with a body, we all are aware of the issues that come with. Specifically, with how we view our bodies.  I personally am a plus size woman and my goal for my freshman year here at Denison is to force myself out of my comfort zone regarding my body.  This has led me down the rabbit hole of the body positivity movement, a path that I recommend for anyone no matter their body type. THE BODY POSITIVITY MOVEMENT IS FOR EVERYONE! Not just for us fat folk. Because no matter what body you have, the world around us just loves to pick it apart and expect something more from it. We all benefit from a movement that promotes the acceptance and appreciation of all human body types.   

I realize that you dear readers are probably just wondering where this article is going with this. Well that depends on you. You must decide what steps you need to take to get where you want to be with your body.  I will say this, you deserve respect no matter your appearance. You deserve to take up space and you deserve to be happy.  Do not let society tell you that you deserve anything less.  

If you want to delve deeper into the body positivity movement on October 23rd Denison is having Jess Baker speak at 7pm in the Slayter Auditorium. Jess is an author, international speaker and blogger with a background in mental health who is a proud advocate for body positivity. I recommend her books Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls and her most recent book Landwhale, to get yourself started in the body positivity movement.  


Now go rock that body of yours!