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The Many Ways of Cooking That are Student Friendly

For many students college means moving away from home for the first time and having to be fully independent – this includes cooking. A new skill for some, cooking, can be daunting and can lead to the first couple of weeks of college being spent in the local takeaway. These methods could help in preventing this very problem.



Every new-chef’s best friend is the microwave; low maintenance, high variety and little space to go wrong. This machine could add minutes to your day that you would rather not spend cooking! Just a simple click online could provide you with an abundance of recipes that range from cakes to mini quiches to crispy microwave bacon. In this link we can see “5 Minute Spinach and Cheddar Microwave Quiche in a Mug”.



It’s safe to say that any grey day can be made by a batch of comforting chocolate chip cookies. Having the skill to bake can not only add sunshine to a day but hours of fun. An activity that can be done alone or with a group of friends it can act as the biggest stress reliever and the final outcome can almost match the fun had doing it. Competing with any family recipe, this guide to Betty Crocker’s “Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie” can assist any next great baker.



When the days are getting colder and the nights are getting longer, very few things can beat the smell of something roasting away in the oven. With many people believing it to be harder than it actually is, there are many recipes that will give the most basic to the most embellished, depending on what you’re brave enough to try. With the addition of a little bit of honey and herbs the most basic of root vegetables can be a delicious meal, as executed here in the recipe for “Honey Roasted Parsnips and Carrots”



The use of a grill over a frying pan takes the unhealthy haze of grease and oil away. This versatile way of cooking can improve the nutritious quality of most foods. As most of the fat drains off during grilling there is also no addition of cooking oils, fats or butter. Keeping an eye on the grill and occasionally turning the food is the extent of it’s difficulty too! Having this recipe for for “Grilled Chicken and Pasta” will be a great start for anybody.



Though technically not a method of cooking, blending different kinds of fruit and vegetables can make a quick and easy meal. In many cases blenders are small and will take up very little room in any student accommodation that only increases its convenience. A quick blitz of fruit in the morning can make a healthy and substantial breakfast smoothie as shown in this recipe for a Strawberry Smoothie in 5 minutes.



Any student apartment will have a tap for water and a hob for cooking which makes boiling the most convenient. A method that can equally be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the list of foods that can be made this way is endless. Easily seasoned with herbs and spices here’s a recipe for “Pasta Napoli in 10 Minutes”.


Stir frying

With the introduction of healthy oil alternatives such as coconut oil or rapeseed oil stir frying is equally beneficial and easy. This also provides a choice in regards to the variety of vegetables, noodles and different meats. Suitable for cooking larger portions any excess that’s made from this method can be frozen and used at a different time when cooking doesn’t appeal! These recipe on The World’s Healthiest Foods website are only a start to the range of combinations.



When funds are low but meals still need to be made it would be surprising to see the diversity of a slice of bread. One of the simplest forms of cooking, there are also no danger to health if overcooked or undercooked. With the minor choice of brown or white bread the real decisions are made when it comes to toppings. This can add fun to any meal, again for minimal cost! The more creative the idea the better. This fun website called Mr. Breakfast gives an incredible 366 ways to enjoy toast so there’s sure to be something to suit everybody! 

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