How Giving Compliments Can Benefit You

In a world where there is a huge culture of negativity, it is important to manifest kindness where possible. Genuine compliments are an invaluable gift that will stay with a person far longer than any material gift ever could.

The definition of a compliment is a polite expression of praise or admiration. Compliments are a great source of happiness and positivity in people’s lives.

Genuine compliments can often come as a surprise to the receiver. As a society, we do not compliment one another often enough.

We are regularly surrounded by small talk, insincerity and negativity. The positive impact of a compliment on someone’s self-esteem is undervalued. 

Complimenting people in a genuine way can have benefits for both those receiving the compliment and for those giving the compliment. Compliments have links to creating strong and meaningful relationships, creating a positive atmosphere, enhancing social interaction and validation. 

Despite all of this, it is important that when giving compliments, you legitimately feel as though it’s true and the recipient is deserving of the sentiment. Faux compliments are often highly transparent, and they can discredit relationships. 

Often, the best compliments you give are unrelated to physical appearance. When you give someone a compliment about their simple act of kindness, their achievements or how they handle certain situations, you boost their sense of value in the world. 

We’ve all heard the common phrase, “what goes around comes around.” This too is true to compliments. When giving compliments to others becomes a habit, you naturally start to see the good in the world. 

Being complimentary towards others creates a positive outlook and environment in your own world. It has great benefits to better social connections and relationships. In turn you then become a magnet for reciprocated love. 

But you can’t always wait for someone else to compliment you. It is important to learn how to compliment yourself. You know yourself better than anyone. From your internal struggles to your daily achievements, it is important to praise yourself for what you do. 

Complimenting yourself has been linked to increased happiness and productivity. Self confidence comes from recognising your own worth. Although, from time to time it may feel like you must get this validation from an external source, it is often more beneficial to recognise these things within yourself. 

As Irish people are their own worst critics, it is vital that we start to push this idea aside and practice self-love. When you start to compliment yourself, it becomes a habit.

Complimenting yourself and others has a positive effect on the atmosphere around you and how you view the world.

Compliments don’t cost anyone anything, but they do have an enormous effect on everyone around you.  Compliments are one of the most inexpensive and kindest gifts we can give. If you haven’t already given a compliment today, why not give it a go? You’ll find that it might just turn your day around. 

In the words of Mahatma Ghandi, “Be the change you want to see in the world”.