Chair Ladies: Meet Head Of Sound - Ali Condon

Ali Condon is a final year Media Studied and English student, and currently the Head of Station Sound for DCUfm. She’s been involved with DCUfm ever since her first year of college and has been in love with it ever since. Since she started in DCU she has managed to score a part-time job in her local radio station and hopes to go on to work professionally in the industry when she finishes college. From interviewing Ali, I can already hear her becoming a radio Queen in no time! 



  •  What made you initially join the society you are now involved with?

When I went to the clubs and socs fair in first year, I made a bee-line for MPS. I had heard of them long before I started in DCU and knew from everything I had seen online that this was the society for me! When I began getting involved, I found myself drawn to FM. Getting a show that you can work on and really make your own is not only an amazing experience, but such a great confidence boost.


  • The Women in FM Event was a massive success, what was the idea behind this and do you think it was necessary?

Women in Radio was a really important event for DCUfm this year and I’m so glad it happened. It really showcased our female talent and empowered a lot of the DCUfm members. This was the first year this event has happened and it was definitely well overdue! Women are underrepresented in the media industry in Ireland and worldwide. There’s a lack of coverage of the woman’s perspective in the media today, and there’s a lot of talent available that’s not being broadcasted.


  • Name three people who inspire you daily?
  1. Both my mam and dad are the most inspirational people in my life for sure. They’re so cool and supportive and I’m so lucky to have them both in my life and having my back no matter what.
  2. Ariana Grande inspires me DAILY for obvious reasons. Life keeps knocking her down and she just bounces back every time, even stronger. She’s such a great advocate of female empowerment for young girls. Have you HEARD 7 Rings??
  3. Annie Mac literally has my dream job. She’s a radio DJ and TV presenter and even has her own music festival! She’s always DJing at huge festivals like Glastonbury and has her own show on BBC Radio 1. What more could a girl ask for?? She is the woman I aspire to be, and I plan on climbing up the ranks no matter what it takes, just like she did.



  • What are the rays of sunshine and the clouds of rain aspects of being head of sound?


Pros: Teaching someone something new, seeing people thrive and find their niche in FM and realising their love for it. It makes me so happy!

Cons: When people mess with the FM system and I have to fix it!! But that gives me more technological experience so I guess it works out.


  • What are your college staples to get you through the college day?


My headphones! You just NEED to listen to music every day or else what are you doing?? My Zoom and my laptop for recording and putting together pieces, packages and podcasts. And so much water.


  • Your favourite college memory?

Any society event that my friends organise. I’m so proud of all of them.

E.g. Tara Smyth from Dance organising The Full Monty and The Experiment, which I was lucky enough to co-present, Emily McNamara from RAG organising RAG Rumble, the MPS guys and gals putting on the Broadcast every year, the drama directors and choreographers of all the amazing productions, to name a few.

Any event they put on is always a huge success and any clubs and socs event is like going to a family gathering. It warms my heart and it’s what I’ll miss the most next year.


  • For people who are somewhat shy at the prospect of joining FM what advice would you give to them?


Just go for it. Gather some friends together who you’re comfortable talking with, even if they’re not media-heads. If you’d rather do a show alone then go for it! Talk about your interests, things you and your pals have in common, report on what matters to you, bring on a new friend every week. The possibilities are endless! If you ever have any questions just giz a text. What better way to overcome your nerves or shyness than by talking into a microphone about whatever you like with no one watching!


  • Would you consider yourself a GirlBoss? And with that, what defines a GirlBoss, in your opinion?


Honestly, I don’t think I’m there yet, but that’s the goal! I think a GirlBoss is a woman who knows what she wants and goes for it. Someone who is an advocate for getting your sh*t together and living your best life. I’m so appreciative of the empowered women who surround me in my day-to-day life and inspire me constantly. If I could be that inspiration for even just one person, that would be a dream come true.


  • What should we look forward to with FM this year?


In semester two, we have a whole rack of brand-new radio shows lined up, so make sure to tune in!

As well as that, there’ll be loads of cool events this semester including Battle of the Mics, our Intervarsity Broadcast, and of course we’ll be getting ready for the Hybrids!


  • Describe your FM in 6 words?

Fun, inclusive, creative, exciting, rewarding, inspiring.

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