5 Reasons to Start Going To Kadifit

What is Kadifit? According to their website, its "a unique studio experience located in Cornelius, NC, offering sustainable fitness and life enhancement through cardio, strength and mobility training." They've got a variety of classes ranging from cardio dance to boxing to yoga, so there's something for everyone. I started going here this summer, and haven't stopped since because it really is the perfect place to workout. 

1. You can fulfill your P.E. credit there

Through the P.E. department's independent study program, you can fulfill your lifetime PE requirements by going to 10 classes for one credit, or 20 for two. In the first month of school, I've been to 12 classes without even trying, so it's definitely an easy way to get your requirements in.

2. It's affordable

Your first week at Kadifit is completely free, and it's unlimited. This lets you try all the classes so you can really fall in love with the studio. After that, its only $75 a month for unlimited for students.

3. They've got a killer social media feed

The images and quotes are the perfect motivation if your bed is feeling a little too comfy to leave before class. If you're lucky, you might even end up on their Instagram stories.

4. It's a community

Everyone at Kadifit is so supportive of everyone else, and that brings a ton of energy to the classes. Everyone is working together through these grueling workouts, even though different people are at different fitness levels. It's all about coming together to be your best selves. 

5. Their space is beautiful

The studio has hardwood floors, fancy lights, and gorgeous artwork. They even rent it out for weddings and other special events because it's just that great. Plus, their side room doubles as a bar for wine and beer. 

First 4 photos via Instagram (@kadifit).

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