Be positive and spread positivity

As we start the new year, we all have our New Year’s Resolutions. So many of them we will probably never accomplish or quickly forget about after the first month of the year is over. I have a New Year’s Resolution for you that is easy to accomplish, and that you should really take into consideration to make your time and everyone else’s time this year so much better.

This resolution is to spread positivity! Everyone has their bad days, I totally get it. However, you can still try to spread positivity with so many small actions throughout your day. Whether it is to hold open the door for the person behind you, text that friend that you have not talked to in so long or to tell a random person on the street that you like their outfit.

Giving a compliment to someone else takes a few seconds but can really improve someone else’s day. So, when you walk around your college campus or office or wherever you may be today, tell someone else that their shoes or dress or jacket are nice. I understand that it can be awkward to talk to a stranger at first, but I guarantee you: you will brighten their day.

If that is one step too far for you, even smiling at a stranger can already greatly improve someone else’s day!