What is Future Tripping and How Can You Prevent it?

Overthinking or obsessing about the future is a common experience that occurs to most individuals, and yet it can get the best of us. Constantly worrying and creating anxiety over what career you’ll have after college, or how you’ll thrive living on your own are all things we want definitive answers to, but in reality, there is no fortune teller that can predict our exact plans ahead. Trapping yourself in the “what if’s” of life can be a dangerous game of destruction, but only if you let it have the power. The truth behind what we know of the future is that it is something we obviously cannot control; however, we can control how we react and adapt to it. Talking from experience and from close friends who are currently facing future tripping, I want to touch on the importance of learning to live in the present and how to practice mindful living.

Overcoming Fear of The Unknown

Woman wearing black long sleeved shirt sitting in green grass field near mountains under cloudy skyAs humans we cannot control what is uncontrollable, such as where someone will be a few years from now. What we don’t know in terms of outcomes for the future can feel uncomforting and scary, but emotions should not override how we choose to live our life. Overcoming a fear of the unknown is easier said than done, but it can be first accomplished by challenging yourself to let go of emotions that are holding you back from being your best version.

Plant Yourself in the Present

Sometimes the best way to prevent yourself from thinking ahead is reminding yourself where you are now and what you have accomplished today. If you are creating walls inside your mind based on negative thoughts and beliefs of where you will be in the future, then you are not allowing yourself to live in the present moment. Focus on all that is currently in front of you and concentrate on what can help you reach your full potential now. That exam you just passed because you dedicated time to studying was done purely by you so give yourself credit!

Prevention of Future Tripping

Ivana Cajina

One of the best pieces of advice I can give to put things into perspective is accepting that it is normal to feel anxious over the unpredictability of the future. We cannot plan every single detail of our lives and because of this we must roll with the punches and adapt as time progresses. Remaining open-minded and taking a minute to just focus on you in the current moment can also help ease the worries that come with future tripping.

If thinking about the future has severely impacted the state of your health, it will not hurt to talk about your feelings with a professional mental health counselor who can better support you. I hope after reading this article it has provided some newfound clarity in how to take care of yourself when the going gets tough and when the future feels like the enemy.