Time Management: The Struggle of College Students

The last few months of school are flying by and soon enough, it will be a relaxing summer break full of warm weather and spending time with friends. While most students are still currently studying in school with loads of homework and possibly working for their education, a bunch of time can be lost to add significant things to the agenda such as having a social life or having downtime to yourself. It is easier said than done but practicing good time management skills will ease your stress, increase productivity, and will allow you to eventually have time for YOU! Here are some great time management tips that have contributed to my success in the past:

Making a List

Making a list of items that need to be completed can help with organization and seeing what needs to be done daily. A bulleted list should be prioritized and catered to your work and life. I usually find it the most successful to check off items as they are finished to see my overall progress and productivity.

Setting Deadlines

Setting deadlines for specific things that need to be done will make it more likely for you to not push those items back. Have a plan and try your best to stay on schedule. Setting deadlines emphasize importance and completion to certain items that are due. I always tend to plan out rough deadlines for assignments a few days before they are actually due to give myself wiggle room for other tasks.

Quit Multi-Tasking

Multi-Tasking has always been one of those things that work for some people but not everyone. Attempting to complete a few things at one allotted time could lead to stress buildup. Some individuals who try to complete one item at a time such as myself, do get things done in a timely matter and completed because of remaining focused and giving full attention to one single item. Concentrating on one thing at a time will allow you to achieve your priorities efficiently and reduce the anxiety of completing everything.

I really hope these three tips come in handy for success and help with getting women back on track to be their own boss. Always remember after practicing good time management skills and working productively to treat yourself like the queen you are!