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Do you ever think about those last couple of days leading up to your final days at a place and get that blue feeling? That is how I am feeling; these last couple of months have flown by so fast that I am feeling blue. I know that graduation is supposed to be a sweet feeling with fun and sadness all around, but I can’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed with nostalgia and uncertainty about what the future holds. It’s a mix of excitement and sadness that comes with saying goodbye to a chapter of my life. As I reflect on all the memories and experiences I’ve had during my time here, I can’t help but feel grateful for everything that has shaped me into who I am today. Despite the bittersweet emotions, I am looking forward to embracing the new opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in this next chapter of my life.

As a first-generation graduate, I feel that this milestone is not only a personal achievement but also a significant moment for my family. I am proud to have overcome obstacles and paved the way for future generations in my family to pursue their dreams and aspirations. But girl, can we be real? The pressure they put on first-generation students is unreal; they want you to get a 3.5 GPA or higher and to almost be perfect. I can tell you that I am not mad at my mistakes. I’ve done the best I could, and I am proud of my accomplishments, imperfections, and all. This chapter may have been challenging, but it has shaped me into a stronger and more resilient individual, ready to take on whatever comes next in my journey. I have learned valuable lessons and grown in ways I never imagined possible. I am excited to see where my path leads me next and how I can continue to pave the way for future generations in my family.

As I reflect on my journey so far, I am filled with gratitude for the experiences that have shaped me and the people who have supported me along the way. I am reminded that growth often comes from facing challenges and overcoming obstacles, and I am thankful for the strength and resilience that I have developed as a result. Each step forward has brought me closer to becoming the person I am meant to be, and I am eager to see what the future holds. With a renewed sense of purpose and determination, I am ready to embrace whatever comes next with an open heart and a steadfast spirit. I am excited to continue learning and growing, knowing that each new challenge will only further shape me into the best version of myself. I am grateful for the opportunities ahead and confident in my ability to handle whatever may come my way.

Hi am Lauren I am from Poulsbo WA, I am a junior this year majoring in social services and minoring in Law and Justice. I work a full time job at Central Washington Disability Resources helping people who self identify with a disability find housing or get on social security disability or even apply for food stamps. I enjoy writing topics about people with disabilities and laws around woman’s rights.