January Jitters

Fall quarter and the holidays have come and gone, and the last half of the school year is quickly upon us. For the seniors, they will be signing up for the last quarter of college in just a few short weeks. Not to freak you out, but real life is sneaking up on you faster than you think. With the weeks of being a undergrad student becoming less and less, it's easy to panic about what the future holds after your time at CWU is done, but don't let these jitters get the between you and your push towards a new chapter of your book. 

Ellensburg, Washington, population 19,786, has been home to us for four years. This town has watched us grow from party-crazed 18 years olds to mature and driven 21 and 22 year olds who are ready, but terrified, to start our professional lives. The bar scene is getting stale (at least Ellensburg’s bar scene, see ya 301…), and if we didn’t already dread going to class every day of college, senior year has made that even harder. Even though we are months out from graduation, it can be a bummer to hear that that your classmates or friends are getting job offers when you haven't - but don't let that discourage you from applying to jobs, attending job fairs, and networking. Let’s be realistic - the best jobs aren’t handed to you or come from job posting boards anyway, the journey to a great job come from connections, so reach out to professionals in your industry and ask questions. Build your resume, shake the hand of everyone you can, and make your mark at every job you hold!

In reality, in less than six months, we will be packing up our college houses, saying good bye to Central’s campus, getting that diploma, and beginning a new chapter. For some, that chapter will be graduate school, and others a new job or internship, or time for travel or relaxation.

Whatever path is chosen, change is inevitable. Change is a scary thing, whether it is a new city, job interviews, or starting a new career. But these changes are something to be excited for; the unknown can be a scary place, but make the best of it by enjoying the last months here in Ellensburg. As boring as it may be sometimes, spring is right around the corner, which means sunshine, floating the river, and tons of other activities that make it the best quarter of the year!