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Throughout my life, I’ve been to therapy three separate times. The first two sessions were very typical; sitting on a couch and talking to someone. The third time was group therapy at CWU that lasted three sessions. And recently, I’ve noticed my mental health beginning to decline more and more. I felt like my medications were not working and decided to look into therapy, once again. That’s when I started Talk Space. 

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It was a very simple process to choose my therapist and I immediately got to talk to someone. I chose the plan that allows me to text my therapist whenever I want, and I like getting to write out my thoughts, even if it’s on a phone. There are bi-monthly health assessments that take about 5 minutes to fill out, and that helps me catch up with myself, in a sense. I check in on how my brain is doing, and it’s a really great form of self-care in my opinion. 

I highly recommend checking out Talk Space. And while this may not be the cheapest option, Talk Space takes insurance. Everyone should try therapy, whether it’s over an app or in person.  I feel like it’s really beneficial to self-reflect, and it helps us grow as people.  

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