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This week, HC CWU caught up with Kelsey Anderson, a Maple Valley native who is currently a junior, studying Food Science and Nutrition. Kelsey keeps busy with her involvement in clubs on campus, her job as a barista, and hanging out with friends! Here’s a little more information on Kelsey and her life in Ellensburg!

Name: Kelsey Anderson

Year: Junior

Major/minor: Food Science and Nutrition Major/Public Health Minor

Hometown: Maple Valley, WA

Are you a part of any clubs?

I’ve been on the CWU Wake Team since freshman year!

What is your favorite thing about the Wake Team at CWU? 

My favorite thing about the Wake Team is that no matter how much skill any team member has, we celebrate them as if they’re a professional. You can know nothing about water sports and still feel welcomed into the team. The CWU Wake Team gave me my current roommates and some of my best friends here at Central.

Favorite workouts that you do?

I like the stair-stepper because it gets my heart beating fast and I really don’t enjoy running. I also like more plyometric style workouts because they’re actually exciting to me and I get bored easily with standard weight lifting.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?

A bagel sandwich because I love sandwiches and I love bagels and when you put them together, nothing can beat that.

Favorite restaurant in Ellensburg?

My favorite place to eat is 1201 Bagels next to Kolletty’s Koffee. It’s not a sit-down restaurant but it is definitely worth your time and money.

Any spring break plans? 

This spring break I am going to Canada with a couple girl friends and also over to the west coast for a couple of nights.

Favorite thing about spring quarter in Ellensburg?

My favorite thing about spring quarter is sitting outside with my roommates on our lawn and doing homework with the sun shining. I also really enjoy going to the pond and laying out in the sun if it’s hot.

The next time you see Kelsey around campus or at her job at the Breeze Thru Café in Michaelsen Hall, make sure you say hello as she is one of the sweetest girls at CWU! Even ask her about the CWU Wake Team and the opportunities to join if you’re interested! 

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