On a Budget and Still Want to Be a Fashionista at the Gym? These Stores Will Come in Clutch

With the summer season just being around the corner, this is the time where gym facilities begin to get packed with many individuals working towards their summer body. Having a goal for yourself at the gym is awesome, but why not try to explore cute and inexpensive activewear while working on your goal in the meantime? Finding the right size, price, comfortability, and flexibility of activewear can be a hassle however, it shouldn’t have to be.  Here are some shops that are known to cover a variety of your activewear needs with an inexpensive price tag.


Old Navy

This is my number one go-to store for workout and non-workout clothes at a decent price. Old Navy has many selections for activewear with tanks, shirts, sports bras, yoga pants, shorts, and jackets. Additionally, Old Navy sells activewear in a range of colors, sizes, and styles so you will never have to wear the same color or sports bra twice at the gym. Sales and discounts are going on all the time online and in-store with raving reviews so I would recommend checking them out here!



I have never bought any articles of clothing from Amazon however; it is becoming more common for shoppers to do. Amazon carries amazing prices for yoga pants with pockets, which is a popular trend on the rise. Additionally, if you are an Amazon prime user you get free shipping which is always a plus. If you’re unsure about what options on Amazon are your best fit, I would just recommend exploring their site to see what you could find. Looking at the reviews from other individuals who bought the item is a great tool to use at your advantage.


Gym Shark

Out of all the stores mentioned above, Gym Shark would be considered the priciest of the bunch, however, don’t let that scare you because this online shop holds value for the quality of their fabric and support. Just searching through the options available for sports bras, the store has specific tabs where any future buyer can choose what type of support they want for their bra. Personally, when I run, I like to have high support to keep everything all together. According to Gym Sharks high support bras listed on their website, there is padding on the inside of the bra with fabrics that are elastic, and they have adjustable settings. Gym Shark is a trusted company with many celebrities and athletes endorsing them. Whatever clothing options that are necessary for helping you get fit; Gym Shark can help by meeting specific needs.


I want this article to be a helpful tool in finding athletic wear at a reasonable price. Being a college student myself, I know the struggle of trying to save money, but still getting a bang for my buck. Hopefully, these sites listed give some insight into great places to shop when heading back to the gym!