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The purpose of this guided meditation story is to calm your mind and guide you to a peaceful place where you can get rid of built-up stress and anxiety.

I hope you all enjoy it!

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Begin by taking the next few moments to silence your phone and turn off any distractions. 

Find a comfortable position where your feet are planted on the ground and let your arms rest gently by your sides.

Clear your mind and focus only on your breathing. 

Breathe in...breathe out. 

Breathe in...breathe out.

Last time, breathe in...breathe out.

I want you to continue to breathe normally but as you exhale, imagine all the tension and the stress leaving your body. 

Unclench your jaw, and relax your shoulders. 

We will do one last breathing exercise before starting your journey.

Breathe in....and out.

Breathe in...and out.

Last time, breathe in....and out. 

[bf_image id="f5j37fbt4nc42wjbtjh8wgp3"] Where you go in this journey is completely up to you. 

I want you to first start with the setting. 

Where are you? Are you outdoors, or indoors? Is this space warm or cold? 

Once you have envisioned your location, I want you to choose your company.

Is this a solo journey or are you with someone else? 

Is there wildlife around you? 

Perhaps there are exotic birds chirping in the distance or your childhood dog barking at its favorite toy just waiting for you to throw it. 

Next, I want you to imagine in more detail what this space looks like. 

Is there a breeze on your face? Sand between your toes? 

Whatever it is, channel it. Those elements around you take part in healing your stress. 

[bf_image id="tt8kg99n6gspvn5chnfks6p"] Now, I want you to sit. Wherever you are in your journey, just sit down and be with this moment. 

Let the sun or the rain kiss your skin and erase all those insecurities. 

Imagine that the wind or the sounds of the rushing waves are clearing all those worrisome thoughts from your mind.  ​

You have nothing to stress about here. This is your space. 

There is no pressure, no expectations, and no commitments. 

This is your journey and you decide what happens next. 

I want you to take a few deep breaths, and then we will begin our journey back.

Take a deep breath in...hold it...and let it out.

Again...hold it...and out. 

Last time, breathe in...hold it...and out. 

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As you return back to your desk or your bed, I hope you return with a more clear and peaceful mindset than when you left.

Remember that you deserve these moments. 

Anytime you need a mental reset, you can refer back to this guided journey or listen to any guided meditations.

I hope your day moving forward is full of love, kindness, and peace. 


Creative and Professional Writing Aspiring author and publisher Gemini Slytherin house
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