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The unforgettable holiday season of 2019 is done and in the memory books for a lifetime. Unfortunately, for us college students this means back to hitting the textbooks and time to adult again. Winter quarter has approached us. For some, this might be exciting new chapter just waiting to be lived. But others sometimes things can get a bit over whelming and sleep is not always your friend when your mind can’t shut up about school, grades, books, bills, friends, anything. Not to worry though, here are 7 tips on how to sleep with anxiety!

Sleeping With Ear Plugs

Sounds silly, I know but sometimes blocking out all noise and sounds helps the mind shut off and rest.

Reading a Book Before Bed

Reading has helped me a lot with anxiety. Just before bed reading something sweet, happy, or anything that you are personally interested in helps calm your mind and escape your thoughts.

Make a Positive Pinterest Board

If your mind is running go on Pinterest and make a Pinterest board filled with things that make you happy and take your mind off other things.

Take a Warm Shower Before Bed

Taking warm showers can help relax your body by feeling warm and taking time for yourself!

Lay in Bed with a Heating Pad or Rice/Corn Bag

Heat is comforting to bodies and can make you feel less tense and become more relaxed.

Listen To a Positive or Relaxing Podcast Before Bed

Certain podcasts can make you relaxed and tired or listening to encouragement can reassure you in a positive light that things will be okay and become less anxious before sleeping.

Make a Playlist of Your Favorite Music

By making a playlist this can help distract your mind by doing something for yourself and creating a playlist that you’ll love.

I hope some of these tips will help you if you are ever feeling anxious and are in need of some sleep! Talking to friends and family can also help with anxiety if you are over whelmed at times too. It’s always okay to receive more help as well if you feel like you are struggling. You are not alone and getting help will only make you stronger. It’s going to be a great winter! We got this!


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