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5 Ways to Be Heathier Without Really Trying

Just like everyone else, I’m always trying to look for ways to be healthier. Some days I wake up and want to do yoga and drink kale smoothies and other days I can’t remember when my last full glass of water. And why is this? Because being healthy can be hard. Like, really hard. No one wants to choose a salad over French fries and if you say you do, you’re either crazy or lying.

The good news is that being healthy doesn’t always have to be hard! There are super simple rhythms you can incorporate into your daily life that will help you think cleared, feel fresher, and have more energy and I swear you will barely notice.

Here are 5 easy ways to be healthier without really trying:

Find the Right Kind of Cardio

For some people, the work cardio is enough to keep them without a square mile of a gym, but cardio doesn’t have to suck! If you don’t like to run, rowing machines, versa climbers or bikes are good options to switch it up. And if that still sounds too complicated, try walking to class or work and try to get your heart rate up. Cardio doesn’t always mean sprints! It will likely add only 10-15 minutes to your commute and you won’t have to worry about parking. (bonus!)

Always Drink Water! 

This may be the most important point of all. Your body is about 70% water, so it needs to be replenished ALL. THE. TIME. A good way to get yourself started is have the first drink you take when you wake up be an 8-oz. glass of water to get your system going. Then, carry your water bottle without throughout the day. You will be more likely to take sips when you have it in hand and not even notice.


Mobility is one of the most underrated parts of a healthy lifestyle. Whether you love to lift, run, or none of the above, being mobile is an essential part of being healthy. 5 minutes of stretching before bed helps elongate muscles and prevent injury, as well as prepare your body to sleep better! Seriously, I see no downside here. Check out Pinterest for hundreds of stretches for all the different muscle groups.

Get on a Sleep Schedule 

Now no adult likes being told they have a bed time, but your body does all its best recovery when you sleep. Getting into a pattern of falling asleep and waking up within the same 30-minute window will help you feel more rested, even if you sleep for the exact same amount of time as before. The Bedtime setting on the iPhone Clock is a great way to get into a routine.

Add More Veggies

It’s no secret vegetables can get expensive. And on a college budget, they aren’t exactly a staple. But they are so important to a healthy diet and so easy to make! Try buying frozen veggies to avoid wasting money on food going bad, and then just put some in a pan with Olive Oil and Teriyaki Sauce for flavor. Cook on medium heat and BOOM! Fresh veggies added to your meal in less than 10 minutes.

These 5 things are easy, low cost and something you can start tomorrow if you want to improve your overall health!

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