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College is the first time where students are treated as responsible adults. There is no more excuse for slacking off in class! You may be able to decide not to do an assignment by its deadline, but the choice is yours, and soon enough, you’ll be drowning in a sea of homework as more assignments pile up week by week. According to the American Institute of Stress, 61% of college students are diagnosed with mental conditions such as depression or anxiety. Therefore, it is important for you to let yourself unwind and relax, we are not robots, after all! Mental health comes before academics.

Are you in this position too? Keep reading for some inspiration of self-care tips to keep your mind and soul in the right place.

Self care bingo

Some content creators online make self-care bingo posts.! You can just look up “self-care bingo” online and many results pop up! Here is an example of one on Instagram:

Self-care bingo templates can be broad to adjust to your needs

Self-care bingo works exactly like bingo, where the goal is to get 5 spaces in a row by doing these activities, or you can try to fill the whole spread if you’re feeling up for that. Sometimes, just like in regular bingo, there will be a free space, which you can cross off instantly. However, there is no rush at all! You can pace yourself with how much of this you want to complete. I will say though, every time you do cross off a box, it feels so rewarding to get closer to your goals. You can make a self-care bingo too.

going outside

Being cooped up in your room all day on your bed may feel cozy, but does it help your brain if you just sit there? If you have stressful thoughts you can’t shake, how about going outside for a bit? All you need to do is leave home and go somewhere fun!  For instance, how about going to that coffee shop down the street to treat yourself? Maybe you could get a refresher and sit, gazing at people walking by, knowing that life is all about one step at a time. Or go to the park and feel the breeze whip across your face, watching as the sun sets. If you think you can be perfect by accomplishing all your goals at once with a racing mind, that’s great! However, you can’t overburden yourself with too much mental weight, which is what this article is all about.  

move your body

Someone once told me “Motion is emotion,” and she could not have been any more accurate. When you exercise, you instantly let go of all your anxiety and put all your energy towards exercise. You can go to the gym and run on the treadmill. You can go to your nearest pool and swim some laps. Even if you cannot devote too much time to exercise, an easy walk around campus can do the trick. Just like being outside, the fact that you are moving and not seeing the same scenery every second can lighten up your mood.

make some art

Art is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Even if you don’t think you are a professional artist, you can grab a sketchbook and your drawing utensil of choice and literally do anything from there. Sometimes, the hard part is thinking of what to make in the first place. If you just start though, you start to get an idea of what you want to draw. It doesn’t even have to be with drawing! It can be sculpting, painting, or decorating! Art is meant to be flexible.

Do you like planning your next steps? Do you like fun, quirky doodles? If so, I recommend starting a bullet journal! It doesn’t have to be a large commitment (I sometimes don’t touch mine for days), but making and decorating calendars, and weekly and monthly spreads is so aesthetically pleasing. Don’t feel like you have to make all the “mainstream” pages, do what works for you! You’ll even look back over and think, “Wow, I can’t believe I made that.” Want to learn more about bullet journals? Check out this guide here


I like to find quiet spaces to focus on my spirituality. Some people like yoga. Others meditate. Others pray. Sometimes you need to turn off reality and turn on your spiritual senses for a moment. Do whatever floats your boat, just as long as you have peace of mind. It is definitely okay to take breaks from life, you just need to worry about yourself. Deep breathing also works, and you can feel your heart rate slow down already.

Motivation for you!

talking and interacting

It’s unhealthy to have all your emotions bottled up in your brain; you do not have to suffer in silence! If you feel like you want to talk, reach out to a family member, friend, or other trusted person. Chances are, that person will understand and support you. That way, you feel less lonely. This goes vice versa too. If someone you know needs help with mental health, be the anchor in their storm!


Remember that your mental health is priceless. Everyone’s life pace is different, everyone is going through their own journey. Even the people who look the most “put together” have their own share of overwhelming feelings. Do not feel the need to compare your stress to others. Instead, focusing on your own journey and goals will get you to achieve anything in life. Just know that you are amazing, and you are doing a fabulous job crushing day by day!

Jazzy Tung

CU Boulder '27

Jazzy Tung is a writer for Her Campus at University of Colorado Boulder (HCCU), and is a part of its social media team. This is her first year being a Her Campus member. She is so excited to be joining the HC team! Jazzy has always loved being involved with school media: in middle and high school, she was on the yearbook team. In her junior year of high school, she attended the National Student Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. (American University) for communication studies. That only fueled her love for journalism even more! She was also the president of her high school's Creative Writing Club. Currently, she is currently a freshman at the University of Colorado Boulder, who is majoring in journalism and planning to minor in international relations. She can't wait for the new adventures that college takes her through. Outside of school, Jazzy has a variety of interests. For example, she enjoys playing board and card games like UNO, spending time with friends and family, and surfing the internet for any interesting topic. Jazzy also has a large collection of notebooks in her room, most of which are from previous school years, that she saves in case she wants to write anything and everything later on. One of Jazzy's favorite hobbies, though, is stationery! She loves collecting pens, highlighters, sticky notes, and stickers.