How to Get the Best Sleep in Your Dorm Room

Living in the dorms can be so fun, but with being in a social environment basically, 24/7 comes with a lack of sleep. But don’t fret, there are plenty of ways to get a full night's rest or the perfect power nap in your dorm! Here are some tips for getting a good rest in your home away from home:

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A comfy bed

This is an obvious key to a good night's sleep. Make sure you have a mattress pad on top of the dorm mattress. Also, make sure you have comfy things on your bed that makes it feel as homey as possible. Just because your bed is cute does not mean it is comfortable!

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sleepytime tea

Many brands of tea have a version of sleepytime tea, which is a perfect drink for right before bed. This perfect blend of herds is meant to help make you relaxed and in a more tired state.


This is the best thing ever if you have a hard time falling asleep. This natural sleep aid, that comes in several different forms of gummies and tablets, can help you be asleep within 30 minutes of taking it!

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sleeping mask

Sometimes you may want to go to bed early while your roommate wants to study for another couple of hours in the room. Even with all the other lights off, the bright desk lamp may be making it difficult to fall asleep. A sleeping mask that goes over your eyes is the perfect solution to this. It blocks all the light out and blocks out any distractions that may come in the form of other lights.

white noise

It seems like there is always some sort of noise or commotion going on in the dorms, and some sort of white noise can help blur that all out. You can just turn on a fan or put some earbuds in and listen to music or a podcast.