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Oh to be in the 1920s. It seems so fun and carefree. 

Everybody, we are in the 2020s. It feels like history is repeating itself between the Great Depression and now the Coronavirus pandemic. This year I turned 20. It feels scary and refreshing to start a new decade. So much is happening at once.

Lately, I’ve felt overwhelmed with everything around me. The pandemic is still going so there are still a lot of restrictions, work, school.., everything! It feels like everything is catching up to me. It shouldn’t be overwhelming, but it is. 

[bf_image id="m4sv756vjj8xcmfkpr3fv7tf"] "The Roaring 20s" were known to be one of the most fun times. After the Great Depression, everyone was unapologetically having fun for the time they lost during the depression. I’ve been inspired to do something similar. For most of my life, I’ve felt like I’ve made excuses to not do whatever the heck I want to do when I want to. I keep pushing things off and saying “maybe later” or waiting until someone else will do them with me. Both make me feel like I have a boring life. 

I want to start my roaring 20s in the 2020s at the age of 20 to have the courage to go out on my own and do what I want by myself. That sounds empowering to me. I’ve always wanted to have main character energy like Zelda Fitzgerald or Coco Chanel in the 20s. I feel like if I don’t take the plunge to do it now, I never will. It’s time to take risks when there are close to no responsibilities. 

[bf_image id="hjcp858w3vfctxcq2xjb94qh"] Now thinking about it, I feel like going out independently like this is like taking yourself on dates. I’ve written an article before, talking about self-love by discovering what your love language is. This is a great opportunity for self-growth and reflecting, as there’s not much happening, but to be in your own thoughts while having fun. Of course, doing things with other people is fun, but this is a chance to create a strong independent foundation for yourself. 

Some ideas include a road trip through the west, trying new restaurants around Colorado and looking for scenic areas. This is why I bought a tripod! Now my pictures aren’t just going to be selfies or scenics around me. 

Cheers to the new roarin’ 20s! It’s a great time to go have fun and have great stories to tell time and time again.   

Tracy Huynh

CU Boulder '23

Tracy is a sophomore at the Leeds School of Business. In her free time, she enjoys binge-watching Netflix and going shopping. If she is not studying, she can be found with a fuzzy blanket and fuzzy socks in bed or in the home decor section of any store daydreaming.
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