5 easy ways to de-stress

Looking for ways to get rid of stress? Up to your eyes in classwork? Me too girl! Here are some quick & easy things to do, to take care of those pre-finals freakouts. They only take a few minutes, I swear! 

  1. Make a cup of tea. It will warm up your insides and instantly calm you down. Two flavours of teas that are my current favourites are Celestial Seasonings “Sleepytime Honey” and Tazo “Organic Peachy Green Tea”. Put a cup or two of water over the stove till it starts to boil, let it sit for 1-3 mins. Transfer to mug. Steep your tea bag for 5 mins, then enjoy girl!

2. Stretch it out! Put on some comfy clothes and sprawl out on the floor for some light yoga. There are plenty of quick 10-20 minute videos you can watch on youtube. I linked one of the sessions I loved, below!


3. Try to listen to calming music. Bliss out & give into the simple sounds of falling rain and the wide open ocean waves.


4. Take a hot bath or hot shower. Search your bathroom cupboards for a nice sugar scrub and a bath bomb. Light a candle or two and boom, it’s an oasis.

5. Get outside for fresh air! Lace up your sneakers and walk around the block or to a nearby park. Make sure to leave your phone at home though! Take this time to completely disconnect. Observe everything around you, appreciate the details.


Hope these tips & tricks help you feel zen! Good Luck with Finals my HerCampus ladies!! -L