The Sun Behind the Clouds

            Hello Rams, it’s me, coming at you live from my bedroom.

            Just kidding. This is not live. But I am in my bedroom at the moment while I’m writing this. Picture this: a fresh and hot cup of tea, your favorite slippers, a fluffy robe, a soothing face mask, candles lit… oh- and the window wide open.

            Fun fact about me, being from the East Coast-Beast Coast I absolutely live for this kind of weather that Ram Country has been having these past few days. But, being the sweet, sensitive, and wise soul that I am (LOL) I also know that for many Coloradoans, not seeing the sun for hours (days) on end, can be a little depressing.

            While my “perfect fall day” is a cool, cloudy, maybe rainy day, (perfect for sweaters and long socks) out here, the “perfect fall day” is cool, and sunny. Something which I am not accustomed to. And while I am sitting here, still living my best life post Elk-Encounter merely a week later, I’m writing to you to remember that the weather here is wild. One day it’s 80 degrees, and the next it is literally 60 degrees. The weather, and our correlating “gray day moods” are temporary. Colorado is famous for these spontaneous weather changes actually!

            And while I know, the gray skies are gloomy and make us just want to snuggle in bed and stay lazy… We’re here for a reason y’all! To get a degree! And trust me, the sun’s coming back, just you wait! Buckle up, get back into the saddle, and study up and rock those midterm exams!



            Stay happy, healthy, and safe Rammies. <3