The Ins and Outs of Apartment Hunting

I currently live 25 minutes away from campus, that’s 25 minutes of driving there and back multiple times a day. The amount of gas I use is ridiculous and slowly but surely breaking my bank. Fall 2019 I plan to be living way closer to campus, overall aiding in keeping my bank account afloat.   

            I started a list of what I tend to look for in an apartment and it comes in handy when I’m researching places online, so I thought I’d share.


1.     Updated appliances:

This is not a need but most definitely a want.

2.     Washer and dryer in each unit:

This could also be considered a want, but I had clothes stolen from me so many times in the college dorms, so now I’m biased to shared washers and dryers.

3.     A big enough closest:

AKA I’m moving in with my boyfriend and unfortunately but understandably, he won’t let me have the entire closet for my clothes and shoes.

4.     AC:

A necessity. You know when you can warm up from being cold with a few extra blankets, but can never get cold right away when hot? This is why AC is needed.

5.     Parking:

Student housing apartments are asking way too much when they charge $50 for one parking space. I’m already paying you like $700, free parking is not asking for much more.

6.     Location:

This is a given based on my intro. I promise being close to campus really makes all the difference.

7.     Noise:

This is difficult to notice based off of a website or a tour. I’ve found that considering things like pet policy, or if it’s mostly housing for college students can allow for a better understanding of what the noise level may be in that area.



            With these however comes a budget that may not allow for all of them. Sometimes you find the apartment of your dreams but the price is a nightmare. I took this list of necessities and arranged them by “absolutely need to live” to “I guess I don’t really need that.” This allowed me to be content with apartments within my budget that may not have met all my want.s

            I cannot stress enough how important touring is. I refuse to sign a lease without seeing what the place I’ll be living in looks like. You would honestly think that’s common sense but I’ve toured so many places where pictures were the closest I’d get to seeing my future home. Oh, and pictures, they’ll trick you. Pictures uploaded by the owner of the apartment complex are not to be trusted. Besides that, you really cannot get a good feel of the space and environment without standing directly in it. Honestly, just be careful when signing leases of places, you’ve barely seen. Don’t assume it’s as beautifully furnished and well light as the pictures make it out to be.

            Apartment hunting is a new adventure in your life and should be fun in the process. Consider making your own list of necessities for your next home. Rank them and always put your budget first.


            Research is important, touring is important! Happy apartment hunting, Rammies.