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5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself in the Middle of the Semester

This semester is FLYING by, and although time may be passing quickly, it can be easy to get bogged down with classes and experience some burnout. As spring break approaches, it can be hard to stay motivated and take care of yourself while studying for midterms. Here are some of our best tips to keep you feeling good as you wait out those last couple of weeks.


1. Schedule in some “me time.”

It can be hard to find the time to just hang out and do nothing when you’re juggling classes, a job, student organizations, studying, and a social life. Alleviate some of the pressure of everyday stress by scheduling some “me time” for yourself each week. Spend this time doing whatever relaxes or de-stresses you. Be sure to actually take advantage of this time and get your mind off of the daily grind.


2. Keep track of all upcoming due dates in one central place.

Save yourself the panic of remembering an assignment last minute and keep track of all upcoming assignments and due dates in one place. Doing so can save you time down the road, can help you to make sure you’re managing your time well, and help you to keep track of longer assignments.


3. Treat yourself.

If you’re having a stressful week, make sure you take the time to prioritize yourself and your mental health. Reward yourself by getting coffee from your fave on-campus coffee shop, or see a new movie with friends. Giving yourself that little reward can be a massive boost in your motivation and help you to de-stress.


4. Try meditation or yoga.

If you are looking to try something new for stress relief, hop on YouTube and try some guided meditation or a beginner’s yoga tutorial. Meditation can help you to relieve some stress and give you peace of mind, and yoga can help to relieve the physical tension stress put on the body.


5. Try to get ahead.

One of the best ways to alleviate stress is to complete the tasks causing it. If an assignment is driving you crazy, why not just complete it? Getting assignments and projects done ahead of time can help to eliminate stress and burnout. When possible, try to get ahead of any upcoming due dates. Your future self and mental health will thank you.


These last few weeks leading up to spring break and midterms can be some of the hardest of the whole semester. Make sure that you take care of yourself to help avoid burnout and maintain motivation over the next few weeks.


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