Tips on What to Do on Camel Day 2019 by HC Conn Coll Staff

The link for the official Camel Day schedule:

“I highly recommend going to the Career Preparation: Inside and Outside the Classroom panel at 10:15 am. Prospective students will get a grasp of our comprehensive, innovative, and career-oriented curriculum. For example, the Career Office will have sessions for first-year students as soon as their first semester at Conn. The panel will have students from all years, all disciplines, different study abroad experiences, and diverse internships. Plus, I will be speaking on the panel about my triple major experience at Conn.” - Viangely Asencio ‘20


“Everyone definitely needs to go to the Academic Fair is from 11:15 to 1 pm in Shain Library! It’s the perfect opportunity to learn about the 40+ majors offered at Conn, not to mention the interdisciplinary pathways and centers! When I was a prospective student, talking to current students at the Academic Fair was one of my most memorable experiences. Learning about Conn’s unique Global Islamic Studies major at the fair is part of the reason that I ended up coming to Conn. And this year I will be one of the students at the GIS and Arabic tables!” - Ann Monk ‘21


“I recommend sitting in on a class. We have tons of classes on the list throughout the day for prospective students to observe. I did that during my Camel Day and ended up taking the class my first semester at Conn, I even met some of my best friends by sitting in on that class. Observing a class can give you an idea of what classes are like here in our academic setting and you might learn something new along the way! Also, go to the lunch that is usually in Cro, I ended up having lunch at the same table as the president of the college without even knowing it during my Camel Day! I also got to talk to student advisors about my interests. That was super cool!” -Megan Tracy ‘22


“I’d suggest that you visit the Arboretum. During my visit day, the weather was highly uncooperative and I was disappointed I didn’t have the chance to check it out that day. Ever since I’ve stepped foot on campus the Arboretum has been my go-to place to think, do homework and hang out. I even enjoy it covered in snow.


I would also recommend that you talk to students outside of the scheduled panels to get a good idea of what campus is like. This may sound unconventional and some people you meet may not be able to stop to speak on their way to class, but when I stopped to ask for directions to lunch during my visit day, I had a candid chat with the girl who I’d asked about her favorite meals to make in the dining hall.  


For more candid reflections on the Connecticut College Experience, check out the rest of HerCampusConn!” -- Kiely Goss ‘19


I would recommend checking out the Walk-in Coffee Closet, which is attached to Harkness dorm! I would also say explore New London and the surrounding towns if you have a chance!

-Carolyn Cross ’19


Go on a tour of the residence halls, and drop by a coffee shop if you can. It’s where most of us spend our time, so it’s a great way to get to know the students. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation if you have questions! I know it’s intimidating, but getting the perspective of a school from someone who currently goes there is invaluable.

-Marianna Wells ‘21


One activity which I wish I had done while visiting Connecticut College during Camel Day was stepping into a coffee shop on campus. As a sophomore living in Knowlton House, I spend a lot of time in the Walk In at Coffee Closet. This spot is always bustling with students working behind the counter and on their laptops sitting at tables and couches. Students are always willing to give directions to buildings around campus and offer their experiences at Conn so far. I have personally shared some of my experiences with visiting students and their families. This conversation was a defining moment when I began to feel like a true camel. - Elizabeth Berry ‘21


Definitely try to talk to the head of the departments that you are interested in during the Academic Fair! When I attended Camel Day, I had a long conversation with the head of the Hispanic Studies department, Professor González. Little did I know, two years later he would help me apply and get into CISLA and is now one of my favorite professors! - Abigail Schmitt ‘21