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The ConnColl Senior Bucket List

Let’s be perfectly honest here, senior year of college is nothing like senior year of high school. When you combine the amount of work you...

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8 Ways to Kick-off the Semester

No matter how much you love school supply shopping and being reunited with friends on campus, getting back into the school groove after a...

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Summer Essentials

We may be in the thick of finals, but with the sun shining, summer feels so close we can taste it! Whether you're hitting the beach or need...

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Crazy for Crossbodies!

Whether it's strutting across the beach, or chilling with friends, we always need a go-to bag where we can stow all of our summer...

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Camel of the Week: Anna Hofmann

Meet our latest Camel of the Week, Anna Hofmann! This senior is a campus celebrity; if you see her around campus she's most likely wearing...