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Mamacoke for Dummies: Navigating Trails at Conn

With the skies finally looking sunny and the temperatures getting warmer, it’s time to take our workout from the AC to the outdoors! Running outside is a really great way to get in shape and also experience the beautiful scenery around us. While some of us may be well-acquainted with the many running trails on Conn’s property, many are totally clueless about their existence. 

Some of the best paths are located behind the Athletic Center, spanning many miles and diverse surroundings. They can be a little tricky to find and navigate for those who haven’t explored before, so we have prepared some directions and photos to help you find your way!


Cross the bridge to the AC, but instead of hopping onto a treadmill inside walk inbetween the hockey rink and AC, as if you were going to the track. 

Before you reach the track, there will be a path going downhill into the woods, dividing at the bottom- go left. 


As you continue, the path splits off into a couple directions- don’t panic! You can really go any way you want and they all connect back in the end, but if Mamacoke Island is your final destination take the path that goes generally straight. 


After a couple minutes, you’ll reach a road- simply cross and continue on the path as it narrows a little. 

Also, there are trail markers so you don’t accidentally hop off the trail and get lost!

Next the path will open up onto a large field, follow the path that goes straight across. 

On the other side, there will be a fence across the path, you should go around it. and continue on the same trail.

Keep going straight and eventually you’ll see the train tracks and river in front of you! 

Cross the tracks and take the trail across the marsh to Mamacoke Island. 

So pretty!

At this point, you can explore on the paths as you wish, taking in the beautiful cliffs and views of the river.


Next time you take a study break be sure to grab a friend and do some exploring!

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