How to Deal with Stress During Exam Season

1. Meditation

Even taking just five minutes out of your day to relax and take a few deep breaths can make a big difference. Doing a quick mediation as you snooze your alarm in the morning can help start your day on the right foot, and taking some time to relax before bed can help tackle stress-related insomnia.

2. Sleep

Speaking of which, sleep deprivation is often one of the first signs of school-related stress. Making sure that you are well rested will not only help you reduce stress, but it also helps you work more efficiently and do better on exams.

3. Watch your caffeine intake (drink tea)

As school takes priority over sleep, people start to consume more and more caffeine. Although it can help you stay up and study during those all-nighters, coffee also tends to make people more stressed. Try drinking tea instead, which has less caffeine and is more relaxing.

4. Eat well

Eating healthy food is incredibly important for keeping your body and brain fueled. Focus on eating whole foods like fruits, vegetables and nuts, and try to cut down on processed foods.

5. Exercise

Physical activity is a must for reducing stress – it helps you relax, improves your mood, and even causes your brain to release endorphins, which will help you stay awake and productive while studying.

6. Listen to happy music

Although it might be tempting to listen to sad music when you’re stressed about school, this can actually make you feel more down. Instead, try listening to happy music, which will put you in a happier and more productive mood.