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Fall Weekend is Here!

The crazy big tent on Temple Green, the billboards all over campus, the amazing line up for Autumn Lights…. Conn is making a big deal out of Fall Weekend this year, and for a good reason. In case you were curious, the billboards are in celebration of the completion of the Campaign for Connecticut College. The school raised $11 million over their goal of $200 million, and it shows! So this weekend, we will not only be celebrating our favorite weekend of the year (alums are back, parents take you out for a fancy meal, Tent Dance, etc.) we are also ringing in a huge celebration of the college’s success!

The party kicks off on Friday with various events throughout the day, including dance and theatre performances and athletic games. The night is capped off with performances under the Tent, including all of our accapella groups belting out their most beloved songs and Fighting Gravity, a black light performance art troupe and finalist on “America’s Got Talent.” The rest of the night will continue under the tent in one big dance party!! 

But this is just the beginning, Camels. Saturday includes events all day long: soccer on the Green, speaker events, the all-campus picnic, and of course, the all-time favorite, Harvestfest, sponsored by the Student Activities Council (SAC). For those who don’t know, Harvestfest is an event under the Tent on Saturday afternoon from 12:00 – 3:00pm where clubs, sports teams, and groups on campus sell any and all Camel gear you can imagine! Don’t forget to stop and say hi to the ladies at the Her Campus table! (Quick tip– Get cash ahead of time! Cro will be insanely crowded and there is nothing worse than waiting in line for the ATM when you know that goodies are flying off the tables under the Tent!) There are more receptions and artistic performances throughout the day too, so you will have plenty to do with your friends and family!

Of course, it is lovely to see your parents and the events all day are fun, but the biggest news is Autumn Lights… yes, the rumors are true, SAC has brought Tent Dance back to campus! This is no Spring Canopy Dance, but the real deal. This is not just any old dance, SAC has really outdone themselves this time! For those of you that are of-age, there will be cocktails served throughout the night in addition to food for all, Bear Mountain will perform from 11:00pm-12:00am, followed by Battle of the DJ’s winner, Arizona Beach Club!

I know we all want to sleep in on Sunday mornings, but Fall Weekend is not over yet! There is an all-campus breakfast Sunday morning, or if your parents are still around, you might get to head over to Muddy Waters. Isn’t that one of the best parts of having your parents come to visit? They take you out for delicious food! Well, at least that’s what I love.

Camels, be sure to take advantage of everything going on this weekend, check out the full schedule of events online and join the Autumn Lights event on Facebook.

Have a fun and safe weekend!!


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