Campus Celebrity: Maggie Nelsen

Meet our newest Campus Celebrity: Maggie Nelsen! Maggie is headed for graduation at full speed ahead! The recent Fulbright Scholarship recipient will be traveling to Malaysia in January! Maggie is connected all over campus from Green Dot to REAL to Fusion, but she touches more than just a wide variety of activities and academic subjects--her super sweet and smart personality makes a lasting impression on other Camels around her. So take a silce of this Humble Pie and read on to learn more about Maggie's Moroccan pants, what is "dope" about Floralia, and why Camels should take advantage of The New York Times.

Class Year: 2014

Hometown: Vienna, VA

Major: Government

Minor: Sociology and History

Extracurricular activities: Floor Governor in Lambdin; dancer in Fusion; Green Dot

Favorite movie: Good Will Hunting

Favorite book: The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Favorite color: GREEN

Party anthem: "Shake," Ying Yang Twins

Celebrity crush: Paul Walker (RIP)

Spirit animal: Dolphin

Ultimate Cro dance theme: PJs

Personal motto: “Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and dreams, try to love the questions themselves” –Rainer Maria Rilke

You recently received a Fulbright Scholarship to Malaysia! Congratulations! What are your plans? And, most importantly, how did you celebrate this accomplishment!?

I will be teaching English there actually. I didn’t do that much celebrating per say, but my friends were really supportive and excited for me.

How did you become interested in the Government major? I knew in high school I was really interested in politics and international relations.

Why did you choose to double minor? How did you balance all of your subjects?

I actually picked up the History minor this year; I wasn’t planning on it, but I realized I had enough classes. Sociology is a field I am passionate about and has provided a really important lens I can apply to my Gov major. It’s not that hard-- other students have much more demanding academic loads than I do.

Tell us about your past internship experiences!

I have had a lot of great opportunities. My first internship was at the Library of Congress. I've also interned for my Senator on Capitol Hill and last summer I worked as a research intern at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (thanks CELS for the Metro money).

Most college students will look at their Netflix queues before picking up a newspaper. Why is it important for college students to have opinions and to take stances on political issues?

I certainly spend too much time on Netflix myself, and I think it is sad how self-absorbed our generation is with our iPhones constantly out and the obsession with social networking online. Young people need to take the time to read widely to have better informed opinions, that way they can really engage issues. The New York Times is free to us on campus, it’s silly not to take advantage of that.

You spent your spring break in Okinawa, Japan, with one of your classes. What was your favorite part about this experience?

We went caving where Japanese World War Two soldiers fought and died in the Battle of Okinawa, which was a very powerful and moving experience. I also really enjoyed our home-stays with Japanese couples and families—and of course the food was amazing!

Why did you decide to spend your final year as a Floor Governor?

I’ve loved the bonds I’ve made with staff over the years, as well as the opportunity to meet new people in the dorm--the group of women on my floor this year is awesome.

What is the biggest pet peeve for a floor governor? Residents who come to you when they’re locked out and you’re not on call.

What is your best roommate advice? Hmm, be ready to make some compromises and don’t wait for issues to boil over-- address things before they become big problems.

You have a cool sense of style -- what is your favorite item in your closet? Not really! But, I really like my funky leggings and desert pants from Morocco.

How did you develop your personal style? I’d have to say my black Chuck Taylors. I can wear them with anything.

You are at an amusement park -- what’s your go-to ride? No roller-coasters please. I like those swings that go around in circles.

If you could pick one place to be in the world right now, where would it be? So difficult! Ah, Thailand or Croatia.

How do you make Harris gourmet? Peanut butter on everything

What is one thing you have not checked off your Conn bucket list yet? Never went sledding in the Arbo, sadly.

Do you have a favorite class or professor you have taken at Conn? Too difficult, all of my classes have been really rewarding.

Do you have an embarrassing Camel moment? Tripping in Harris with a plate of food probably. (Broccoli flying everywhere).

Best Floralia advice/favorite Floralia memory: Advice: afternoon re-charge nap is a must. The inflatable obstacle course is dope.

What is your favorite place on campus? Wooden gazebo in the Arbo

Do you already have plans for after graduation? I’m life guarding/swim instructor this summer before I go to Malaysia.

How do you feel about being Campus Celebrity? Undeserving! Thank you.