The Perfect Cafés to Study

Midterms hit us like a ton of bricks, and whether we like it or not, finals will soon roll in. Instead of moping around in your go-to study spot, try studying in a new, maybe even cuter place. If you’re like me and need a nice space to have a cram session while sipping on coffee for that extra boost, here are a few places you can try out around Montreal.   

1. Café Expressions—Mont-Royal Ave. (Plateau)

Café Expressions is quite wide, allowing enough room for people to spread out their belongings and be comfortable without being in anyone’s bubble. The ambiance is calm, with soft music that won’t disturb you. I had a mocha con panna which was creamy and tasted like cocoa.

2. Parma Café—Bishop St. (Downtown)

You might have noticed Parma Café’s advertisements around Concordia’s downtown campus. If you never thought of stopping by, you should! It’s just a few minutes from Concordia, south of Ste. Catherine street. Their panini are amazing and filling! I had one with a sweetened iced coffee that was perfectly strong and just enough sweet. It’s a pretty small space, but if you get a seat, it’s a great spot.


3. Crew Collective Café—St. Jacques St. (Old Montreal)

The nerd in you will love what this coffee shop nestled in. The Crew Café is in an old bank that dates back to the late 1920’s. The high ceilings, dim lights, and golden decoration gives off a Gringotts feel. You can book a conference room or take a secluded booth to study quietly. You can also just show up, order a drink, and find a seat in the café area. If you prefer silence while studying, this is your place.


4. Ferlucci Café Boutique—De Castelnau E. (Mile End)

This little gem is buried in the Mile End district near Jean Talon metro. The boutique has that old-time and retro charm with the decoration varying from hanging plants to stacked records. I strongly suggest the café crema. It’s a blended dessert coffee that tastes heavenly—I’m barely exaggerating.


5. Café Mercanti—Monkland Ave. (NDG)

The Bocca della Verità is painted on the outside wall, overlooking the small terrace. On the other side of the shop is a wooden fence painted light blue, with “Piazzetta de’ Mercanti” written in cursive on top of the fence. You can ignore the fact you’re at a café in Montreal typing your essay last minute, and picture yourself typing in Italy. They have a great iced cappuccino for the summer, and a tasty latte for the winter. I didn’t even need to add sugar to the latte!


6. Gryphon D’Or Tea room—Monkland Ave. (NDG)

A block or so from Café Mercanti is a Celtic-style tea room. The dim, warm lights make for a cozy ambiance. With free tea or coffee refills, you can spend your entire day catching up on your readings. Try their scones, they’re to die for! I had the meatloaf hamburger (served vegetarian as well) and I was surprised that the scone buns and meatloaf made for a perfect combo!

Whether you want to study or take a break, these cozy places are a must for coffee addicts. They each have the bonus of being worthy of your Instagram. No matter where you are in Montreal, there’s always a spot for you!