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With midterms coming to an end, you may be feeling burnt out. Studying for hours on end for weeks, it can take a toll on your physical and mental health. When you’re stressed, the simplest things can seem like too much. From my personal experience, here are some little steps you can take when you’re feeling overwhelmed to help yourself feel upbeat again.


1.Stick to a sleep schedule

I know, you’ve probably heard it so many times, but sticking to a specific time to go to bed and wake up every day can make a huge difference in the way you feel throughout the day. This study demonstrate that keeping a sleep schedule is immensely important if you’re having trouble sleeping.



2. Rethink your morning

If you don’t have a morning routine, start developing some habits every morning that can make you feel more put-together. If you do have a routine, try rethinking your habits and try to change what slows you down and what doesn’t seem to be working. I used to lay in bed for at least a half an hour after my alarm went off, however lately I’ve been forcing myself out of bed immediately, and it helps kick-start my morning. Additionally, putting down your phone first thing in the morning can help ease stress.



3. Try something new

Starting something new, whether its a podcast, going to the gym more, or cooking meals at home, new habits can sometimes help bring up your mood. For me, starting a new podcast or reading a book often help me distract myself from school and brings a fresh perspective to my days.

4. Get out of the library

Finding a new environment to study in might be beneficial to your mental health and even your grades. Luckily, there are many quiet spots around Concordia and plenty of coffee shops that are suitable for studying. this is an easy fix if you think  like you might benefit from a new study space.


These are just a few tips to help you feel a little more like yourself! I’ve noticed little changes can often make the biggest impact on how you feel. If you’re feeling an overwhelming amount of stress or anxiety, never be afraid to reach out and contact health services for professional help.

Sarah Bubenheimer

Concordia CA '22

Sarah Bubenheimer is a fourth year student at Concordia studying Philosophy, Law & Society, and Western Society & Culture. She is a Councillor for the Concordia Student Union and the Academic & Accessibility Coordinator for the Students of Philosophy Association. She is passionate about lattes, lipstick, and philosophy, and can always be found at a cafe listening to Taylor Swift. 
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