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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Concordia CA chapter.

The semester is almost over!  Before we get to enter into that marvelous light, we have to go through the often dreaded darkness that looms, known as final exams. Now, often when one thinks about exams—or any type of testing for that matter—anxiety can rush in and overwhelm us. I may have one solution though that can ease the stress of final exams. According to an article in Scientific American Mind, “many studies show that the clothes you wear can affect your mental and physical performance.” What you choose to wear on exam day is pretty important, so listen up!

For some, when they think of dressing to impress, that means pulling out that three piece suit or dazzling little black dress. However, everyone’s idea of dressing to impress is different. So, as we head into final exams, here is one key factor to consider as you pick out your exam outfit.

Whatever your version of dressing to impress is, you know what is best for you. What is most important is that you are comfortable. You need to know if your style is semi-formal or streetwear and adjust accordingly.

Once you’re comfortable with what you are going to wear, you’ve done the necessary work to place yourself in a positive mindset, and you’ve done the studying required, you will be able to test well.

A little disclaimer, it may seem ironic to spend the time you could be studying thinking about what you’re going to wear. Think about it this way, placing importance on what you’re going to wear is another aspect of studying that will benefit you in the long run and help you get that grade you deserve.

After all that, you may finally enjoy the long awaited holiday break.

Remember, collegiettes, dress well so you can test well, and be able to rest well.

You’ve made it this far, keep going because you’re almost there. Good luck!


Josie Fome is a graduate student in Journalism. She loves to read, write and enjoy the ocassional Netflix binge. She's quick to extend motivation and encouragement wherever needed. In her spare time, you can (try) to catch her sneaking onto rooftops for breathtaking skyline views.
Krystal Carty

Concordia CA '19

Krystal Carty is a second year journalism student and the founding member of the Concordia chapter of Her Campus. Her interests include drinking copious amounts of caffeine and spending as much time with her adorable rescue dog as possible. Krystal has a degree in sarcasm and a love for all things pop culture.