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5 Best Brain Foods for Finals

Finals are some of the most academically draining and non-stop studying times.

While coffee is always a go-to to keep the studying energy going, we need more of a boost to make sure we’re fueling our brains with the best foods to perform during this  demanding time of the year.


This is a list of 5 must-eats that will fill your body and mind to its fullest potential – and will taste delicious

1.  Blueberries

Although this may seem cliché, blueberries remain an excellent brain food that promotes memory. According to Healthline, they are even thought to have the highest antioxidant rate among all fruits and vegetables. These antioxidant are key for fighting-off free radicals and keeping our brains fog free and focused. Blueberries are a laid back fruit and can be eaten fresh, frozen or in a smoothie. It can be included into a variety of meals or you can just grab a handful on the go.


2.  Green leafy veggies

Like many, I have a love-hate relationship with vegetables, but finding some dark veggies are perfect for this winter weather and will truly up your midterm game. These wintertime veggies are really great to combat anxiety and depression. Harvard Health Publishing notes that Swiss chard, (also spinach and edamame) are high in magnesium which has great anti-anxiety properties.


3. Fatty fish

Fish are an all-around excellent choice when it comes to making study-smart dinners. Fatty fish are especially important because they are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which are key for the functioning and development of our brains, and can really be seen as the building blocks of our brain. BBC nutritionist, Jo Lewin, discusses how these fish are key to improving cognitive functioning by grasping and retaining new information and concepts.

Fish like salmon, trout and sardines are all excellent options as well as a filling and easily digestible meal, easy to pair with any side dish!

Some great plant-based alternatives are flax seeds, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds.


4.  Snacks

Considering there aren’t always time to prepare the foods and ingredients above, it’s also important to prepare some healthy snacks for between classes, going to the library or study sessions.


DIY trail mix: You can easily customize your own trail mix but adding your favorite nuts, seeds dried fruits and chocolate selection. Or, just pick up a bag of your choice, (just make sure it doesn’t have too many additives which can lead to brain fog. Trail mixes are super filling, easy to make and are filled with healthy fats and delicious chocolate.


5. Drinks

Staying hydrated is equally important in your studies and in performing in your exams.

Beyond water, there are tons of great drinks geared towards keeping you calm and focus these next weeks!


Green tea is the choice when it comes to teas that are good for our brain and memory. Green tea originates from China and extracted from leaves and buds. This tea has been extensively studied on its improvement of memory and stress relief.


No matter your study style, eating whole foods will always give you an extra mental boost to make it through finals!

You got this, girl!


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Faith Orr is a Campus Correspondent at Concordia University in Montreal. She is in her final year of studies, specializing in French to English Translation with a minor Women’s Studies. She is originally from a small farming town in Vermont, U.S. but has planted her new roots in Montreal. She has a passion for feminism and LGBTQ activism. In her free time, Faith enjoys studying astrology (#TeamVirgo) and learning about holistic health and medicine.
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