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4 Benefits of Listening to Music While Studying

Nowadays, more and more students are bringing headphones with them to libraries, but does listening to music while studying actually have a positive effect?

According to research, there are many positive benefits to listening to your favourite songs while cramming for a final exam. From a happier mindset to more motivation, there are a few reasons to get lost in your designated “studying” Spotify playlist. Below are several science-backed benefits of listening to music while studying.




Increases Happiness

According to an associate professor at the University of Illinois at Springfield, Shahram Heshmat, a key motive for listening to music is to influence one’s emotions. As a result of music’s uplifting abilities, it can improve studying by uplifting your mood and increasing happiness.

Boosts Creativity

Some songs can make you feel like you’re living the “Good Life”- sorry, Kanye. The positive feelings acquired from our favourite songs broaden our mindset in ways that are beneficial to

health and creative thinking. This explains the potential benefits of using music to improve studying, according to Heshmat.

Reduces Anxiety

Heshmat said that our internal rhythms such as, our heart rate will speed up or down to become one with the music. As a result, it can reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms that are inevitable during exam season. Researchers in the United Kingdom claim that certain music can reduce anxiety up to 65 percent. In other words, music is a natural medicine for the mind.

Performance Enhancer

Got a final paper due? Listen to some uplifting beats. Studies show that music can boost cognitive performance on tasks. Music has also shown to help with working under pressure.

Megan Rourke

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Megan is majoring in history with a minor in education at Concordia University, she hopes to one day become a teacher and write a novel for children. She is a city girl with a love for animals and Disney movies. During her free time, Megan enjoys reading, shopping, and cooking vegetarian meals.
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