Your Energy and You

Something I’ve noticed is how unpopular being happy and positive is in our culture. Social media does a great job of basically telling people they’re idiots for being happy. I wouldn’t say I’m a people pleaser, but I do try to make everyone I come across happy. This usually leads to me giving up more of my energy than desired and leaves me feeling drained or unhappy. I give off a lot of energy that people love to eat up. What kind of energy am I talking about? I’m referring to energy that you’re containing and managing in the parts that make up your mental, spiritual, and emotional self. This energy dictates how you treat others and also yourself! The level of your energy is usually connected to your thoughts, emotions, and interactions with the world. People who are Empaths cherish the idea of energy a lot. The idea of having an energy in the world is widely practiced in Yoga and Rastafarianism. Someone who seeks to tap into their energy can connect with their highest self and unravel the mysteries of their life's purpose, may stumble at first, but given the time they will succeed.

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I’ve had four separate people telling me to protect and take care of my energy when I give it out to the world and after the most recent time, I figured I’d write an article about it. These are ways I’ve found helpful to protect my energy.

Acknowledge your energy. Be aware of how it feels when you're vibrating at a high energy and also a low energy. See how people are reacting to you and how you are reacting to what you feel. You can notice this when someone says something you weren’t expecting and you feel… almost like a sigh in your heart… that’s your energy! It’s deeper than physical.

Cut off energetic ties you have to people and learn to set boundaries. We take on other people’s stuff because we want to protect them, make them happy or relieve some of their burdens. While this is incredibly human and the need to heal is in all of us, you have to set healthy boundaries. It could be cutting off the constant calls or texts from a family member or friend. This does not mean closing your heart or shutting yourself off from other human beings. It does mean establishing clear energetic boundaries so that you can move around wherever you please without unwillingly mingling with messy energies that are not your own.

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Understand the importance of blocking negative energy. We have positive circles we go to, but going immediately back to negative circles doesn’t do us any good. Hanging out with a couple of close friends: that will fill you with happiness. But then going out for drinks with people who talk down on others and don’t really care about you and you ask “Why do I keep going out with them, I don’t feel great after” that’s acknowledging your energy! What are you going to do about that? You should block negative energy the same way your computer's firewall works on websites with viruses- it won’t let you go a step further. Refuse that energy. You undo all of your good work when you expose yourself to negative energy because you’re trying to be “nice.” YOU’RE ALLOWED TO SAY NO. LEARN TO SAY NO. “I’m sorry I have too much on my plate right now, I’d love to help you but I can’t.” You can say no.

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It’s been said it’s better to be pissed off than pissed on and even though it can be uncomfortable to step away, the results you see from removing someone's energy can be eye-opening.

Your surroundings. Things we have in our space have energetic fields. Having things around us that have meaning and give us a feeling of peace, happiness or pride can help your energy. Decluttering is also important for your energy. Get rid of anything that doesn’t serve you a purpose. Your space is where you go after a long day and it should only be filled with things that make you happy or serve you a purpose, it should feel like a deep breath when you enter your room.

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Take a cold shower. Water is a natural energy cleanser and cold water has been said to help get rid of dark, heavy energies out of your body. Just try it, this also helps me when I have headaches.

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Try not to react. Stay neutral. Something I learned from a therapy session is you don’t have to have a reaction to everything. This is a hard one. I myself am a very reactionary person and adding anxiety on top of that makes it difficult to step back and just watch how things turn out.

Commit yourself to a healing process. Commit to yourself first. This could take five days or it could take a lifetime. Just commit to yourself that you will heal yourself. And healing is not linear at all. Some days are easy, some days are great and other days shove you down on your ass. Stick to it. Something that helps with this is affirmations. There are loads on the internet.


My energy is protected and is completely my own.

I am free from energy drains.

I only allow positive energy, thoughts, and vibrations to flow through me.

I am full of self-confidence, energy, and joy.

Be authentic with yourself. This will help you bring your energy up and help you acknowledge it. You will become more independent and be able to prop yourself up. Lying about yourself and your true intentions, that can drain other people and potentially yourself. Maybe instead of just reading BE YOURSELF, you can try actually living it out. I know I’ve read those words 101 times and never really lived them.

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Love is the most powerful protector. Set an intention to spread love by repeating to yourself, “I am a noble representative of love wherever I go.” Seek good in other people. Of course, remember your boundaries, but keep good intentions in your heart always no matter what. It’s hard with all the terrible stuff happening, but there’s still good in the world and if you don’t see the good in the world, be the good in the world.

Something I like to do when I know I’m going somewhere with someone that is going to drain my energy or I want a good start the day off with high energy, I take a deep breath like you’re taking a sip through a straw. Exhale with a HAH and smile. Take a few moments to visualize with your eyes closed happiness and success and radiate positivity and love. As you do this it’s kind of like you’re charging your batteries. It’s a fun silly exercise that will make you smile after doing it a few times.

Protecting and creating positive energy happens in all sorts of ways. There’s no official way to do it, just as long as you can feel your energy improving and hopefully, you’re learning to be better without even having to think about it. It can be looking at dog photos, listening to music or maybe it’s walking around the park without shoes on. One of my favorite videos that never fails to make me smile is This twitter video It’s so full of positivity and strives for happiness and success. I see it floating on my timeline every so often and I always give it a retweet. The first time I saw it I didn’t even think it was going to be anything impactful but I find myself going back to it. There’s no formal way to do it, just find ways to protect your energy, it could change your life.