15 Items That Will Brighten Your Room for Under $15

We are at a time of the year when the weather is changing from warm and sunny to cold and rainy the next day. We don’t know when winter will actually end, so why don’t you spend the time to brighten up your room? Here is a list of home décor that you can buy for under $15 to bring the Spring inside your dorm, home, or apartment!

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1. Geometric Glass Wall Vases

These vases are perfect for holding knickknacks, plants, or fish? (not believing the last one, but that is how it’s advertised). It will add a cute accent to your wall and help keep your extra little things off of your desk and out of the way.

For $13.99 you can two of them from Amazon.

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2. Artificial Plants

If you are like me and cannot keep a plant alive for the life of you, get a fake one! It looks real, and the pot gives a rustic vibe to your room. This simple décor will add a whole new element of life to your room.

You can get it from Amazon for $9.99

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3. Round Wall Mirrors

Putting mirrors in your room automatically brightens up a room. Instead of just one large mirror, change it up with multiple round mirrors of different sizes. It gives you room for creativity and they are easy to move around.

Find them here for $14

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4. Fairy Lights

A very obvious way to brighten your room is with lights! Hang them on your wall, across your dresser, or where ever you like. Finding ones that are battery operated makes it easier so you don’t have to find an outlet.

Here for $10.99.

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5. Wall Tapestry

If you have an empty wall that needs something to brighten it up, get a tapestry. There are thousands of different designs to choose from and it’s easy to hang. Vibrant colors will make your room brighter than ever before.

Found here for $12.99.

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6. Decorative Pillows

Your boring couch or bed could always use an upgrade. Adding decorative pillows to your living area brightens it up in a subtle way.

For $11.00 you can get a pillow here.

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7. Salt Lamp

Studies show that by having a salt lamp, you will be more positive and it will help create good energy around you. This lamp will not only brighten up your room, but yourself as well!

Here for $14.99.

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8. Light Projector

This is to light up your room at night. There are many different kinds of projectors to choose from that will create fun patterns to add a fun new element to your room. It will also help you are afraid of the dark…an adult night light.

Found here for $11.95.

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9. Small Wall Painting

Along with the tapestry, a painting will bring a new brightness to your room. It doesn't have to be as large as the tapestry, but a small detailed painting will accent your wall perfectly.

Find an ocean painting here.

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10. Neon Sign

Time to change things up and bring the outside in! Fun neon signs will change up the normal décor you already have, and as an added bonus, you have a picture perfect prop ready for you at any moment.

Here for $13.99.

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11. Aloe Plants

This is one of the easiest plants to take care of, besides a cactus of course. Aloe plants have a great healthy aspect to it as well, the aloe gel works great for sunburns and skin care. It will also prove to your friends that you can keep a plant alive!

Find them here for $14.99.

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12. Candles

Candles are an incredible way to freshen your room with light and scents. No matter what scent you are looking for, you will find it. They are also good for a nice relaxing night in.

Two for $13.30 here.

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13. White Fleece Blanket

A fleece blanket is an easy way to warm you up on the cold days and brighten up your room on the warm days.

Find it here for $14.99.

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14. Fake Flower Vines

Another way to bring the outside in is with flower vines! Hanging them in your room will bring the spring feelings back on a cold day.

Here for $13.99.

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15. Bluetooth Speaker

Music is an easy way to brighten your spirits, and a speaker will truly help. Blasting your favorite music throughout your home is the best way to make your day brighter.

Found here for $11.99.