How to Get Past the Mid-Semester Slump

Halfway through the semester, the most bittersweet time. Halfway done, but still another half to go. So much completed, but so much to do. At this point, exhaustion has set in and procrastination nation is coming for the takeover.

But fear not, I’ve got tips to get past your mid-semester slump and get you back working like it was the first day.

Write it ALL down

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At this point in the semester, your mind is a jumbled mess, information overload. Write it all out. You can’t process your thoughts and work to move past them without having them all out in front of you. Put your pen to paper and just go. But once you’re done put it all behind you, don’t dwell on things you cannot change. Flip to a clean page and write down goals for the second half of the semester. Make sure you keep it and check back at the end of the semester to see what you’ve accomplished.

Take a walk

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Whenever I’m in a funk and don’t feel like doing much at all I force myself to do the opposite. By getting outside and moving you have time to focus on all the things swimming around your head, take this time to think them through. Make a playlist and go enjoy the crisp fall air because winter will be here before you know it.

Carve out a day to do things that make you happy

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Not every waking moment can be spent on school or work, your brain needs a break. There is nothing more relaxing than doing something you love. It is important to keep a healthy mental state so remember to take time to put yourself first. The middle of the semester is the perfect time to give yourself one of these days.  

Take time to check up on your friends, they’re probably feeling the same way you are Courtesy Giphy

It’s college, the struggle is real and we all feel it. Check up on your friends they’re probably in the same slump you’re in. You can rant together. Being stressed and exhausted in solidarity is so much more fun than being so independently.


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Girl you deserve it! College isn’t easy and we all deserve a reward for making it through half the semester. Buy those shoes you’ve been ogling for months, eat that brownie, skip that class for a mental health day.

Set small goals

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When you have so much on your plate you have to be realistic. Make small goals for yourself and you’ll feel more accomplished when you finish things and have an easier time following through.

Messy room, messy mind

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I know you haven’t touched that room since move-in day, so girl, NOW IS THE TIME. You can’t expect your mind to be organized when your space is disorganized.

Call home

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And if all else fails, make that call. Your families always got you, they’ll get you back on track.